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Taking Others Pain And Gold Aura


Last year my farther had to have a quadruple bypass operation on his heart. Leading up to this operation due to all the risks I wanted to try and help him somehow I felt like I needed too.

I had read a bit about auras before however I've never seen them myself. Although if I ever focused enough my self and pictured opening my 'eye' I'd often get a sense of colour usually blue or purple that I could feel spread throughout my body. Half the time I never know if I'm just imagining it myself or it's actually there but the day before the operation I tried to envision it again but this time I was overcome with gold/really bright colour which was confusing, but I just dismissed it and continued to imagine the gold light coating my farther.

When I've done this in the past with other family members after awhile it becomes particularly draining for some reason but this time I felt unaffected.

While waiting in the ICU about half way through the expected operation time an intense pain started in my chest it was so strong I instantly became dizzy I felt my heart rate spike and my face flush, my family asked what was wrong with me, so all was clearly visiable.

After awhile the pain still persisted and I felt a cutting pain down my left leg and then my left arm. The pain was so umistakable and intense.

Before the operation we were told they were taking the veins from my farthers left leg and right arm however then and there I knew they had taken it from his left arm.

When the pain became too much I decided to try and distract my self with a book which seemed to work. The more involved with the book I became the less I felt the pain. However just as I could barley feel the pain anymore I felt the most softest touch on my hand travel from my wrist to my knuckles. It felt like someone had brushed my hand but it felt lighter more like warm static if that makes sense.

No one was siting beside me but I still asked my mother if she had touched me which the answer was no.

This spooked me enough to stop reading and once again the pain to come back fully.

Eventually the pain receded but was replaced with a splintering headache and not long after the doctor came out to tell us that the operation was a success but was delayed by a few hours.

The gold aura colour only lasted roughly two days.

Does anyone have any idea what happened? Does my aura changing colour have anything to do with it? Was I feeling my father's pain? What is the purpose of it all?

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Lyro (468 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Welcome to Empathy. I find this story more interesting because most of the people I see posting on here only deal with the beginning steps of Empathy, mental. The second stage I call physical Empathy, and as you described you can physically feel someone else's pain. If you're this old and haven't felt it before that could mean you've naturally done like myself and haven't been connecting to random people. That leads to an empathic overload and typically burns them out. First step would be to learn how to control connections that you make, you don't want to make connections with random people, in this case it was your father so it makes sense, you'll probably start making connection with the people you really care for or love, typically a partner. I've gone through the same thing as you, and how mine started was with someone I really cared for, the bad side is I've felt a lot of things I wouldn't typically want to feel. It can be painful, at the same time though it's helped in helping other people, saved lives, so it's not all bad. Now once you've worked on connections you can, simply put, transfer the bad energy from them (that's the pain you feel, you're taking part of their pain away, their negative energy) and replace it with your own good energy. Now if you're not really trying to feel them, it'll normally only last about 5 minutes for you, since you were there next to the person you were trying to help, that didn't really help you not feel it, but you don't have to be next to the person you're trying to help. Depending on your strength you can do this from miles, to thousands of miles away. I'd go look into Empathy more, start there, and if you have any other questions you can shoot me an E-mail. This is actually something I've very familiar with since I started out in the same kind of boat, and don't feel bad I had no idea what it was, how I was doing it, or anything about it. It was only when I was drawn to someone, and we talked that I learned all about it.
~ Lyro
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-12)
The human soul is capable of connecting on different levels.
Your story is an example of Mirroring pain of our loved ones as well as connecting via

As individuals we all have a abilities and gifts.
And no 2 individuals will manipulate or experience energy the same. Thru Ancestral aka Heritage cord. Though we experience a loved ones symptoms. We are also capable of channeling healing.

It sounds as if you taped into pain of family member. Seeing Carotenoid, building blocks cut into during operation in which veins are cut from back of legs and grafted for double bypass.
Blue and purple are colors of Carotenoid.

Only by stepping back and asking? Had you silly tapped into surgery?
Had you channelled healing?

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