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Work Done From The Other Side By Family


Out of the corner of my eye, in the hallway, my sight was getting attracted to movement. Look. Nothing is there. Keeps happening. " If I didn't know any better (like I'm such an authority on such things) I'd say there is a ghost in the house" I told Matt. " But I don't 'feel' it, I just am seeing something out of the corner of my eye in the hallway " So... This went on for a little bit, a few weeks maybe. One morning feeling quiet and reverent, I got the urge to go look my cousin up I hadn't seen since I was 14. We were very close, and close in age. Well, through some investigative efforts on my part, I had found out he had passed away some 3 almost 4 years ago. I just cried. Here I was trying to re connect with my cousin. The entire day was filled with sorrow and " what ifs " and remembering. The whole thing was such a fluke. Chance. Or so it had seemed. So I decided to sit quietly and open my self up, and I told Lee,

" Okay Lee, tell me what you need to say " I realized my cousin wanted to tell me something, and that is why what happened, did. He asked me to call his Mom, (whom I'm not on good terms with) and I replied " No, I don't think I'm ready for that " and then he went on to say " I just wanted you know I was dead ". I felt his spirit and personality. So familiar. "I appreciate that" I was able to grieve for some one close to me I had no idea had passed away a few years ago. 5 months later I read online that his Mother passed away (the person I was not on speaking terms with). Now I understood why, if I was ever going to speak to her, that would have been the time, when Lee asked me to. Not about to sway his determination. He and his mother came to visit me in a dream, and we had a meeting of minds so to speak. I understood her and she me, thanks to my cousin. I guess he just would not have it any other way. This was supposed to be healed. And it was. =) . I'm grateful for this. I had no other way of coming to terms with my relationship with Lee's Mom. Hoping I wouldn't always be bitter. Well, my cousin made sure that the job got done. Now I don't have bitterness or feelings of betrayal and this life hurt can be put to rest. All to the work and love of my deceased cousin, who is very much alive and helping. What a blessing.

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