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I Can Tell When Something Bad Is Going To Happen


I am a 13 year old with some weird stuff happening to me, So I'm going to go straight to the point I need help understanding what is happening to me. At first it wasn't much it was just little headaches and now I can tell when something bad is going to happen I get a weird feeling in my stomach or gut at first I was really frightened but then I noticed how every time it happened something bad happened so I took that as a gift but, then my hearing started increasing tremendously I was able to hear my friends from like 10ft away it was helpful at first but now I can't control it, I can just be doing something and I just hear people talking or little noises so I can't focus on my work. Another thing that happens to me is deja vu not like the normal deja vu it happens frequently like twice a day and lately it's been happening for like 2 minuets non-stop.Also my forehead in the middle of my eyebrows would start hurting like someone was putting pressure in that spot and I would get really bad migraines were I get dizzy and black out and then ill feel like I'm somewhere else an when I open my eyes I'm on the floor. Ever sense these things been happening to me I've been doing a lot of research on like clairsentience, clairvoyance, chakras, Etc and I've been meditating and it helps wonderfully it helps me control these things a little but then I stumbled upon this website and I thought it would give me a chance to share my story and hopefully during this process stumble upon a person who can help understand what is happening to me I've considered because my psychic abilities are awakening but I don't want to feel like a child who has a really big dream that she makes her self believe that its true that's why I came to this website so that I don't feel like a desperate child urgent to feel special because all I want is to learn how to control this thing whatever it is because it gets stronger everyday and that's when I'm off balance and that's when people start asking questions an wondering what's wrong with me and honestly I'm wondering what's wrong me because this stuff that I can feel,hear,see,Etc is definitely not normal.

To prove to you that I'm not lying I 'm going to explain different events that happened to me. Me and my family are moving soon and we went to visit the house and I was being nosy and was looking at stuff and as soon as I touched the house my stomach twisted and turned like there was something wrong with the house I told my mom but she told me as expected my stomach probably hurts and as soon as we entered the house there was a big drawing on the wall it was really small. Another event is the house I currently live in is pretty big so my room is the farthest room in the house and I always have my music on and no matter the situation I can her my moms car and its farther than 10ft away now if that's not weird I don't know what is.

I hope someone reads my story and takes some recommendations.

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FerdTheTurd (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-21)
im 14. And I get these things to for example my aunt had a dog and we were going to an event and she was going to bring her dog and I told her not to because I got the feeling that her dog would escape and get hit by a car a few kilometers away and that night we discovered her dog had escaped the dog house (which was very secure) and a week later they found her dog dead on the road 5 kilometers away from the dog house. An other example is once my mom broke her foot and we had to go sleep at my grandmas place cuz we lived upstairs and the whole time we were driving to my grannys place I had an excruciating feeling in my gut (which I get when things are about to go bad) but the closer we got to my grannys place the less I felt it, so we slept and in the morning we went to the hospital and she got a temporary soft cast so we go back to our place and the second my mom got out the car she fell and hurt her foot (which had 4 fractures) and then I try to go unlock the door and I realised I had locked us out of the house (keys were inside and the door was locked). Also when I was younger, everytime I would come back from school I could tell exactly what we were having for supper (even the spices and different veggies) just by smelling from outside. And now I'm 14 and everytime I have a dream I can control every bit of it and I have extremely crisp and clear memories of them, I can even clearly remember dreams I had when I was 4. And I can't heal others but I heal extremely fast, for example in sec 1, I was leaving school and I pushed a door open with my hand and as I did a very sharp 2cm (1 inch) piece of rusty metal pierced through my hand and the cut was deep so 20 minutes later I went to my vice principle and showed her and the wound had already healed and started scabing. Also I cook a lot and I often burn myself on extremely hot metal/glass and every time I don't put it under cold water and it heals and stops hurting in five minutes. I have extremmely good hearing, my bro used to bite his nails and I could hear him even with music blasting super loud in the car and he said he couldn't even hear himself, I can also hear people walking and talking from up to 50 meters away. And the last thing imma say is I feel other peoples emotions extremely strongly. I really take it as a gift because an extremely small percentage of the population have these abilities. Have a nice day:)
glitzychickadee (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-24)
Hey, I can give you a little insight to why your forehead hurts. In the middle of your forehead, right where you explained the discomfort, is the third eye. It's not really an eye, but it represents spiritual stuff like spiritually awakening. Idk, google it maybe. I had the same experience a couple months ago and there are a few things you can do to help it. Good Luck! 😊

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