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Can Someone Tell Me What This Means?


I just recently turned 19 on Halloween and as long as I can remember I have always felt weird or different. Lets start when I was born. As previously stated I was born on Halloween and the room I was born in became filled with ladybugs. I don't mean like everywhere but my family said that they were coming through the vents in the room and the staff said that there was no other room that this was happening in. Every year since then on my birthday or sometime around my birthday lady bugs appear. I don't know whether its just some coincidence or if it means something. And there are way to many times where I will say something or think of something and the next thing I know it happens.

This is going to sound weird but for my birthday my mom got me tickets to see a band I love. And I don't mean to sound like a typical girl but I have always felt some kind of connection to the lead singer. And I have never felt this connection to anyone. No other "celebrity" or anyone I have met. I know that sounds like every girl who thinks they are going to end up with some famous rock star, but the whole week leading up to the concert I had this feeling like something life changing was about to happen. And my favorite song of this bands is an older song. And I for some reason thought "ok if they play this song something is meant to be". We get to the concert and I swear about the 7th song the lead singer goes "ok this is an older song, and we haven't played it in a few years" and then they play the song and my heart sank. I'm sorry I know I sound cliche I know. But there was something else. I told myself if they played that song and I saw a lady bug that it was meant to be. I hadn't seen a lady bug this year so I told myself that if both of those signs appeared/happened that I was right, but I didn't see a lady bug until the day after the concert when we were coming back we made a rash decision to go to a restaurant and as soon as we got there LADY BUGS! Two landed right on me. But it was a day late. Can someone please tell me if I am just crazy or if this could mean something? I haven't had the best life. It feels like everything bad keeps happening (again not being melodramatic if I told you all about it you would understand) but no matter what I have always had this feeling that something great something amazing was going to happen to me. Anyone maybe have an answer or a thought?

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Lyro (468 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-08)
Ok, first off, I've said it many times on this site: There is a cycle that most all of us go through. When we are born/few years after we will start showing signs. The signs can be different for everyone, but they are signs that show supernatural abilities. Later, around say 4-7 years of age, you will lose all of your abilities, and show no more signs, typically forgetting everything about them. Then you will re-awaken again around 13-17 (of course there will be some that don't fit the norm and awaken earlier, or later. I myself was on the later side). The lady bugs could feel your energy like that of normal spirit orbs, and choose to come around you due to your energy. Which isn't un-common.

Now, about the singer part. You COULD have some kind of reason to need to talk to him, or it could be a self fulfilling prophecy. Either you like him so you're making a connection with him, or you're seeing the things that will happen (knowingly or not) and then watch those things happen.

I was given a good piece of advice many years ago. Not everything is magical, some things are just normal, if you try to make everything have a meaning, then you'll drive yourself mad trying to figure it all out.
Peytonnicole183 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-08)
See that's why I'm so confused. Everything I read about them was that it was luck and that it had to do with the spirits. I'm not sure whether they are just trying to get the last bit of warmth before the winter or what but I have just always been told its to coincidental for them to appear to me EVERY year on my birthday and then me not seeing a single one until I had that feeling. I don't know I'm just so confused
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-06)
I am all the way from Utah in a blazing desert with crazy duststorms, and I know nothing about Missouri. Are there naturally a lot of lady bugs there? If so, it could be a coincidence. If not, it could be a sign of some sort
eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-11-06)
Why not try and look up lady bug symbolism. I read two recent symbolism recently on lady bugs. The main two things that pop up are love and luck. But it mostly was about love on the websites I searched. I remember one experience I had a lady bug appeared in my moms car on the passengers seat and it kept trying to crawl on me. It could also could mean you are well loved by spirits and beings nonphysically. What does your heart tell you of what the lady bug means?

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