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I'm Not Sure What I Am, But I Maybe Able To Tell The Future


it's my first time seeing this site, and my first time making a story so forgive me if I sound so clueless. My name is Alice, my story started off with me being able to feel my friend's feelings. Not only feelings, but I would be able to feel auras and talk hear spirits sometimes. Crazy huh? Let's call her Justine.

You see, Justine is an empath and she has labels to people who have similar abilities as her, with different aspect. She said there's the sympath, the empath, the psychopath and the narcissist. She called me a psychopath for having different abilities from her, I found it bizarre to be called what is to describe a very ill maniac. Long story short my friendship with her didn't work out. A year passed, and I completely stopped feeling energy, feelings etc. I didn't think much of it since I don't have to make up an excuse for being so moody around people, until one day, my previous ability that was once gone, came back.

Back when I was labeled as a psychopath, one of the abilities I had were to tell the future, with my dreams. Every night I would have a dream a nightmare etc. The next day it would happen, or at least a part of it would. Now after my friendship with her, after the year has gone by, it came back. Except I for some odd reason, can only see the future of my boyfriend no other person except him. Odd

There was a time I had a dream he fainted, I woke up to see the dream meaning of it, only to find out about it as some weird symbolic thing about my relationship with him, so I didn't think much of it. The day passed by, after school I would text him, he would reply instantly, but that day he didn't instead he replied back almost 8 hours I sent the text the reason why he didn't reply as fast was because he was sent to the hospital because he fainted. Take note, I wasn't updated about his health, so I always saw him as a healthy person, so nothing could of triggered that dream.

Because of that experience, I realized I'm only limited on knowing my relationship with him. What sucks more is the fact that it's also only limited to the bad things that could happen.

Why is that? I'm so confuse, It's like some kind of curse. What am I? Please reply, I'd really like to know what to label myself as, I want to know why only the bad parts.


A few nights ago, I had a dream he would end up cheating on me...

I've been with this guy for over a year already. But fate is fate. I'm preparing myself for the worst.

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