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I Can Tell When Bad Things Are Going To Happen To The People


Ever since I was a little girl I have always been able to tell when bad things were going to happen to people I have met or a natural disaster is going to happen. It isn't like exact dates or anything it is more of a feeling of how much immediate fear, I guess you could say, I feel at the time, and sometimes I will hear voices telling me what I should do when it is a natural disaster. I used to say the wind was talking because it always seemed like the voices were carried on a breeze. I don't ever have a reason for these sudden bursts of panic and I can feel it isn't my fear I am feeling if that makes any sense. Like for example one time I was swimming with my cousin when we were about 8 or 9 and all of a sudden I started hearing these voices saying vague things like it's coming, be ready, run, stay safe, and weird things like that. Then I turned to my cousin and told her that something bad was going to happen, and she thought I was lying but I was insistent that something was going to happen. I didn't know what and I told her just that. So, she asked me when it was going to happen and I said in less than a week. Four days later exactly half a week later a large storm came through our city ripping two house off of there foundations. One of those said houses happened to belong to our mutual aunt. I actually think my cousin thinks it was my fault because she along with many other people believe I am actually a demon because sometimes my eyes turn red and sometimes objects near me will shatter but those are different stories altogether. Anyway another incident was when I told my younger brother that something bad was going to happen to one of his friends very soon and about five or ten minutes later his friend was hit by a car in front of the friends grandparents house. So can someone please explain what is going on with me because I can't predict good things only bad and the voices weird me out.

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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-16)
I too have heard voices warning me of imminent danger. Once, I was told by that commanding voice, I was going to die. "You are going to die if you don't leave" over and over. Well, I knew well enough to get out and I did. Thank fully. I've also been told in that overwhelming voice that one of my friends was going to accidentally over dose herself, because of her own arrogance thinking she had it under control and knew what she was doing. I warned her, and she reassured me that she " knew what she was doing" and she did die of an accidental overdose about a year later. There are other things as well that have happened that I have sensed, felt, dreamed before it happened, etc. Just center yourself and develop your relationship to God. Because this is where your gift comes from. You may feel that all you get is fear messages, but I know that on the exact opposite end, you will also receive good as well. It just may not seem like it right now. Do you best to live right, be honest and have integrity. Humility and gratitude. Commune with your heavenly Father in prayer and ask questions and ask for guidance. ❤ Hang in there.
Miss Cherokee

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