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Deja Vu And Knowing


I can't remember when it started happening, it just sort of just happened. I have a lot of deja-vu moments. It's like, I have a dream and wake up fully remembering that dream/random scene and then it happens. It's like receiving a bit of a puzzle. I've done a lot of research on deja-vu but mostly everything doesn't sound like what I'm experiencing. There was the one moment in my dream months ago that I was in a restaurant I haven't even been to since I was a kid. I was standing in front of the counter as a teen. Just yesterday that scene "came true" and I now work there. Another instance, I was taking a test. I saw the questions on the front page weeks before the test was even created.

Also, whenever I go into a place I can tell if it's haunted. It's like I can tell the story of who is doing the haunting before doing any research. It's not like the old house that's broken down, but like theaters and malls. I recently went to the Byrd Theater. Without asking anyone I knew that the ladies room, balcony, and behind the stage were haunted by an older, white, male. I asked one of the women working there and she said that there had been ghost investigations. I did my own research and found out that the manager had retired and was said to haunt the same locations I had previously thought.

Does anyone else see things that they think are people but it turns out to be an object like a traffic cone? It mostly happens to me in day-light or when I'm open and not really focusing on anyone thing.

Is it weird that I can also see a picture and know that that person is dead? It's only happened a few times and I guess it's was just by chance.

Does anyone else feel that way? I'm not particularly frightened or anything. Any tips for strengthening sensitivity?

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Venjance (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-22)
Throughout my life I have taken the liberty of avoiding any assumptions regarding things 'supernatural'. After working into my 27th year, my moments of working deja vous grew very intense and I would be frozen for long moments just trying to gain control of my actions again. As a Barista, it is a dangerous occurance. After my grandmother passed June '10, my life flipped and I went through an extreme life change including a divorce because of it as well as an extreme possession without any spiritual or familial help. I have been scarred because of it. They just called me 'schizophrenic' and left it at that. For this past year I have been in recovery after a very long ordeal throughout the s.f. Bay area guided by christ and god of all creations. The two I figured just played a part rather than choosing to have a very active hand. I know the reasons for my process but as for being 'psychically aware', I just wanted to say, never underestimate deja vous, especially in waking constance or in dreams. [Midnite] Melatonin helps realign your dreams to your creator and your body will heal enough to strengthen your connection to your surroundings. If this feeling is something that you cannot shake- all details aside, care for your body and your mind. Treat yourself and surroundings like a ritual before travelling anywhere. It's not Vanity, it's appreciation for what you have been given. Your awareness of yourself in strength and self-Knowing will attract the spirits. They don't want to stay in those places forever. They can travel through you if your body is healthy. Omega's for the mind [grapeseed oil... No pills] no tofu, some meat, lots of greens, orange juice, ride a bike. Keep the body going and be a train conductor for heaven. Whether you are aware of their presence or not, they will enjoy your life. Hell loves sugar, be aware- not a glutton. It's a reincarnation thing... Sorta. It's a soul thing. And you can feel them. The energies we put into this world through creation, through emotion, through feeling, intuition, through faith- that is what holds us to this earth. If you take prescription medications, be extra cautious. You still atttract spirits, but many are ignorant when they cross over in regards to what is going to happen to them after. Just a head's up. I'm with you.

Ps. The worst thing you can do, is to say 'I'm a Medium.' They can Hear you. That's nto a good thing. They need to connect through mutual feeling.

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