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Experience Triggered By A Bad Night


Back in 2009, I was in this relationship with a guy who was verbally abusive. After we broke up, he became upset 'cause I didn't want to take him back. Around three in the morning a week later, he attempted to break into the house. After that, I had nightmares and fears for months. As the years passed by, I started having reactions where I have these bad feelings before something happens. I noticed it the night before September 1st in 2015. I got extremely shaky, clammy hands, sick feeling in my stomach, and the urge to panic. It lasted for most of the night and went away around four in the morning. When I woke up in the morning, I had a text from my now ex husband that he filed for divorce. I get that feeling before something bad happens and it's more noticeable every time. I don't like the feeling either, but maybe one day I will be able to control it. I also got the feeling before my oldest brothers died, before my grandfather died, and before knowing about my sister's guy beating her. It happened a moment ago too, and usually I hate to know why it's happening to me. Could it be psychic related or just in my imagination? Not sure, all I know is, it keeps me on alert for anything bad happening. Aside from that, I also experience moments of happiness/overjoy, butterflies, and a good feeling in my stomach when something good happens later. Among psychic feelings, vivid dreams that tend to come true and the ability to feel how others feel. Those feelings have been there for years.

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