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About Me/ White Dots & Burning Sensation By Third Eye


First, I will start off with my background and about my abilities. I had severe depression with PTSD as well as anxiety, which drew me to really work on myself.

My whole life I thought I was crazy with all the "coincidences" and psychic encounters I witnessed because when I would ask someone, they would look at me all funny. Thankfully, I can now say that I love myself and have embraced my "gift," and can see beauty within others, no matter the damage they have done.

I am empathic, and I can sort of tell the future through my dreams and just random "feelings" I get. For example, one day I felt very weird and I heard a dog whistle type noise that vibrated in my head and almost shocked me in a sense, and then my grandpa passed away two weeks after. After my grandpa's death, I noticed that a lot of animals try to communicate with me, especially butterflies and caterpillars. They re-assure me that I am on the right path. My intuition is very strong, and I know I have some sort of gift, I just don't know what it exactly is.

Recently I have been meditating, and I also started wearing a lapis lazuli stone, that I intensely charged during one of my sage ceremonies with my friends. I felt to pure afterwards, and successfully purified my friends as well. After the cleanse, I started seeing white dots and still see them today. I also have been feeling my forehead super hot, as if I had a fever. I checked my body's temperature, and it was at 96. 7 degrees, which is lower than usual. I have no idea why my forehead is burning, and why I see so many dots of white and color sometimes. I'm not sure if it is a good or bad thing, I have a feeling that it is good.

Does anyone relate to this or know why I am feeling burning sensations and why I am seeing white dots?

Love and light

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