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Black Orb


Orbs. Where do I even start. I see them every single day. Tons of them, in a rainbow of colors and brightness. They are like flies or something else that buzzes about the air. Constantly whizzing by my face, across the room, through doors and walls, even through people. They are the same as background noise to me at this point, I see them so much they are just a fact of life for me, and I basically ignore them now - unless something in particular catches my attention.

I normally see white and blue. Less often I see green and yellow. Rarely I see red and orange. Once in a blue moon I will see an off shade of purple.

However, my story is not about those typical sightings. This story is about a very specific situation that I experienced in college. It still bothers me to this day so who better to ask than everybody here?

When I turned 18, I moved out to the big city for college. It was really far away from my home town, which is far smaller in comparison. I lived on a street called "Vine st." which had a really bad reputation even so far away in my home town. Believe me when I tell you that it was REALLY bad. I saw people fight and be wounded to the point of being taken away in a gurney. Sexual harassment. Theft. Drugs. It is just not a place where a school should keep it's girl dorms. Or any dorms for that matter.

Needless to say I pressured the school and they had me move into my own studio apartment a little ways away from the dorms. Closer to the school.

I was ok with this. My two room mates were awful so to have the place to myself was golden.

I had been there for several weeks, and during that time, I noticed that orbs were really active and abundant in the place.

Nothing out of the norm, just more orbs than I was used to seeing. I figured the building was old, it has seen a lot. There was just a lot of energy there. I didn't pay it any mind and I focused on my studies.

A few days after that realization, I was sitting on my bed doing some research on my laptop. For some reason I looked up, and this orb just came flying down at me. It made a huge arch around the apartment, before making a beeline to my face.

It was almost like it was angry. Aggressive in nature. I felt targeted.

It happened really fas and I actually ducked off of my bed and fell into the floor trying to avoid being hit, taking my laptop and pillows with me.

When I sat back up, it was just gone. Like it had never been there.

As I picked up my thankfully intact laptop, I realized that this orb was black.

A normal orb kind of radiates light. They have a glow about them. This thing is almost like it radiated shadow, or black light if that makes sense. I have never seen anything like that before. It completely eclipsed anything behind it like a normal orb. Was about the same same and size range for a normal orb. Seemed to float like a normal orb. Just black. I haven't seen anything like it again.

I never had any bad feelings from the orb, just a sudden awareness that it existed and that I needed to move out of the way, cause it was coming. I can equate that to panic maybe, because it all happened within just a few seconds, but I never got any negative vibes from it even though it seemed to behave in an aggressive way.

I have never had an orb interact with me at all. I have no idea if they are capable of intelligent movement, but in my experience they just kind of drift about. This thing seemed to specifically come at my face.

Any idea on what it could have been? I didn't know orbs could even be black. Or was it an orb at all?

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RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-07-23)
Just seems how you see spirits, if you improve upon the ability you may be able to see spirits whole body's eventually. The color doesn't matter, it will usually only tell you their etheric race etc.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-23)
I have seen orbs floating white. Never a black one. Sounds like something wicked.
Nepheara (6 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-26)
Gabbie and Berellic,

Orbs are a part of my daily life. I am also able to see full body spirits and communicate with them daily. So I agree that the orb is one of the most simple manifestations, but in my expiearence they manifest that way because they are unable to, or don't want to, do so at a higher level. So it's not that I can't see what is "beyond" the orb, it's that they can't (or don't want to) show me, at least not in the moment.

That being said, I guess what shocked me was the color of the orb and how aggressive it seemed to be. I know that spirits can manifest in a ton of different ways, but with orbs specifically, I have never before seen a back one, and never after.

With what little knowledge I have of the darker aspect to these gifts, I was able to connect that generally aggressive and darkly colored energies tend to be bad. However, with those energies I normally become distressed or upset on some level, and that distress is what let's me know just what I am dealing with. This orb didn't make me feel much of anything, other than the initial panic of noticing something flying towards my face.

I have considered that perhaps it was just a negative energy trying to mess with me, I mean I did dive from my bed into the floor. At the time I was going through a depressed kind of state, the place I lived in was not the best area to live and it was difficult for me. Perhaps it was something being drawn in by that emotion? I'm not sure. You don't think it was something on the more demonic or oppressive side trying to attack me do you?

I have expiearence with demonic energies but this wasn't like that at all. Those energies were overwhelming for me, this may as well not have existed at all as far as my feeling anything from it is concerned.

I am very careful to keep everything cleaned and guarded in my new home. I had to learn the hard way how to do that and why it is important so I am very picky about it. It has helped me a lot, thankfully:D

Thank you both for your input ♡
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-25)
Hello Nepheara,

Within the Spiritual, resides a variety of beings,energies,creatures, who manifest themelves in more than one, forms. Sometimes they come in their true form, sometimes they take different shapes, human like, patterns, objects. They can also manifest themselves in the form of an orb.

So what you saw and experienced could have been anything. Just make sure you keep yourself shielded and cleansed, from all these energies you encounter daily. If you need some tips on that, just let me know:)

Talk soon
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-25)
[at] Nepheara, Orbs are commonly lower level manifestations of seeing spirits, souls, and energies from the spiritual side. With seeing orbs, regularly we may not see what else beyond that of the orb. Though just the aspect of seeing orbs in general dictate your connection spiritually as how sensitive you are to energies around you - to allow yourself to pick and see these manifestations physically. As orbs being the lower manifestation - there are higher manifestations of the orb only through perceiving them through a stronger spiritual connection. Obtaining this stronger connection could be through an OBE, lucid dream, deep meditation experience, or progressing of abilities to witness this yourself.

The full manifestations of what an orb could really be is not all easy to tell. At first we may become common with the colors and feeling from the energy but that itself only dictates limited understanding of it's full manifestation. When seeing what the orb truly represents become a different experience through access to higher perceptions.

I have seen white and blue orbs before, then used my spiritual vision that I have trained over the years to see the true form of the orb - to find that souls of humans wondering to random spirit energies roaming. Even noticed the manifestation of red eyes to be cloaked in black cloudy energy with the full manifestations of imp looking demonic beings.

I feel that with some, could come across a misconception with certain type of orb experiences as only to how broad of what an orb could only be. There are ways we can all train our abilities to see what is further beyond.

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