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The Hat Man


When I was younger around 8 I was having a friend stay the night. We were sleeping on the floor. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a man standing next to me. He was very tall and he I couldn't make out his features. He was like a black shadow but I could make out his shape clearly. I could tell he was wearing what looked like a top hat. It scared the heck out of me but I didn't feel threatened. I never forgot it and thought about it often. When I was 29 I was sitting on the couch in labor with my son. I looked over and he was there again standing in the doorway to the dining room. My heart fell but I was in so much pain and felt violated I got really angry and demanded he leave. I have always seen things since I was was very young. I have been tormented actually but I learned to be strong and educated myself so I can deal with it. I am also a very religous but I think that is why some of the attacks have occured. I was trying to witness to a friend who was going to become a priest but he was deployed and when he came back he didn't believe in God anymore. I was attacked for three days. Constantly. Banging on the walls, furniture, knocks on the windows, growls. That was pretty scary and it took a lot out of me. My son who was 10 at the time experienced it too. I have one more story that's too scary to share just yet. I don't really repeat it. Since I have gotten older my senses have been weaker but that could be because I have learned how to block it. Not all my experiences have been bad. I have had really good ones too

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Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-25)
Hello Amyp,

It is quite common for people who are born awakened spiritually, to experiece happenings from a very young age. Demons and other entities of that dark nature, tend to do things like that, as it's what they stand for and live for. Not everyone can deal with it, so I admire your strength of character, and choice to educate yourself in order to protect both you and you family.

I could suggest some more ways to do so, from my experience and way of doing things, both with myself and other people I have come across and conversed with. I would also appreciate it, if you could email me about that very scary experience of yours, and any others you want to talk about. I am always willing to help, share my knowledge and experience as well as learn from others:) I have my email up on my profile, so feel free to email me anytime.

Talk soon
SGE (1 stories) (32 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-25)
Did this shadow perhaps wanted something. More specifically did it do something to your son perhaps. If so, my email is gernivorus [at] if you wish to talk in private.

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