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Unsure where to start. I have been having psychic experiences throughout my life, however as I got older I repressed them because I saw things that scared me. I've always been a strong dreamer and this seems to be my strongest gift. As of late, my gifts seem to be coming back.

About a month ago, I started to have this entity visiting me in my dreams. His presence frightened me. He stomped around a lot, up and down staircases. I never was able to see him, just a dark shadow. The second time he entered my dream, my spirit guide actually entered and shielded me from it, told me not to look, and woke me up by pressing his fingers into my shoulder. I could still feel the tingle when I woke up. That is the first time I'd met my guide.

About a week later, this entity entered my dream again, only this time I was viewing myself as if overhead in my own room where I was sleeping. The thing was in my doorway. I tried to run past him, and couldn't. I tried to scream, but couldn't. Again, I couldn't see any features. I did not feel afraid this time. I tried to make any sound, all I could get out was "NO". So I just kept repeating "NO, NO,NO,NO" until I woke up. Upon awaking, I had the number 1969 in my head and felt as though it was connected to a year.

I spoke to a friend who is a celtic shaman. She told me that this entity was trying to be my guide, and was from the area I reside in currently. 1969 was the year it came to this plane to be a guide. He was not inherently bad, but my spirit guide did not like him, and said he did not have anything to teach me, and was not conducive to my shaman training. (He told her that I am meant to be a shaman) We got rid of him by doing a cleansing and sleeping with a protective stone under my pillow.

2 weeks later, I was visited by a spirit. I was sleeping, and then suddenly was awoken. I rolled onto my back, and there was a white mist hovering right over my head. I stared for a minute because I wasn't sure it was real. Well, it definitely was. It floated away to the left and dissipated.

So, hence I am searching for a mentor. I have my shaman friend, but she is terribly busy and don't want to be bugging her too much. She runs a group for quite a few of us. I need someone who'd be willing to help me one on one. I'm working on growing spiritually, but need help. I have no idea what to do, other than meditate daily. I'd like to have someone who's more experienced that I can get advice from if I get stuck, or something happens that I don't understand.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-08)
You have to remember that unevolved souls who ride out on our journey can evolve. As free: we can say no as you did. It sounds as if only on an unconscious level you knew this was an unprofitable union for you.

In this physical plane there are interactions with white energy. I have seen this represented as an angel. Another time it was a moving rolling alive cloud that brought healing.
It is when the color is not pure white that it can be a negative.
If it appears again ask its intent 2 times. Listen to your inner guidance, higherself. Do not doubt yourself. The learning and the journey are a work in progress. I only sense you are doing fine. If you have a question just post on this site.

You are one that I would of taken on for one to one. But you have no email, which signifies you really do not need a mentor as had you truly needed a door would of been opened.
I say this because I normally shunn from shaman wording.
But you so have something original.
Deedee77 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-07)
I am going through an awakening right now as well and am fairly new to all of this too and have had similar experiences and some amazing ones. Would love to connect and share information. I'm in Texas as also. Don't have many people I can talk to about everything that's happening. I found some online guidance that's helped me a lot. One is
Lauren Robertson. She has a great Facebook page and lots of videos to help. She has a weekly podcast as well. Mimi Bonhomme has online beginner mediumship and spiritual guidance classes every month. Thought about taking the July one. Think they are $150. Also Channeling Erik YouTube and blog has so many great videos. Looking for guidance as well. Would love to know what you've found out.:)
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-31)
Dear paradroid

You don't need a mentor, you just need guidance! A mentor will filter things that is important and you never can trust strangers!

You are a medium (shaman is not a proper name) and just need to study to understand and deal with your mediumship.

There are 2 books from 5 that you need to study, pse note I wrote study, not only read.


This will help with all your questions and others that will appear in the future.

Good study!
FaithEternal (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-29)
I mean no disrespect to anyone here but I am drawn to the bible passage "Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save."

Please be careful when searching for a "mentor" as we are all just humans caught in our own dramas and deceptions and it can be dangerous to put your trust in others when we are talking about spiritual matters where we are all very naive and can open ourselves to great harm.

Let me just offer that there is one mentor in the spiritual realm that we can all turn to, who knows exactly what is happening in the spiritual realm and how to guide and protect you there, and that is Jesus Christ.

I don't offer this to convert or preach to anyone, just to say I have been involved in the new age spiritual world myself was also desperately looking for help and guidance. Everything seemed cool and interesting to start, but then it quickly spiraled out of control for me. We are all searching for God and deeper meaning in life, trying to find out what is behind the veil. I just offer that if you are searching, there absolutely is something amazing out there to find. Others can point you to it, but no one can lead you to it but yourself.
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-24)
Hello paradroid first of you do not know Alredy seems like you had an OBE out of body expirence. That can be dangerous when you do not know how to use the right protection or how to do it right. There are a lot at fist when having an OBE because you yourself stand in a dangerous situation where you can be attacked and not able to fully reach your body once again.

When it comes to beings some are know to even disguise themselves as our guyarduan angels, it latter on turns out being demons or negative beings. It's important to also train your decermint, witch is a huge role in the spiritual life.

When it comes to being around other energies you must learn to hold up strong defense and cleanse deeply. These are major and basic strategies, when dealing with the spiritual realm.

Reason being for having your abilities awake when you where young is our worlds spiritual/physical are more connected when we are in youth.

I myself have trained, and am capable of teaching and helping out 😊. You have had some pretty good experience. I hope you like to learn.

If you're interests in talking more in depth you can email me at lunastar1016 [at] my email is also up in my profile.

Hope love and faith
~Luna starβ˜†
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-24)
Hello paradroid

There is,indeed,a variety of beings residing within the Spiritual, some of which, are of Light, and wish to protect and guide, and some, of demonic nature, and wish to only harm. The last, can be quite creative and schemers, concerning the ways they can approach us and mislead us, in order to hurt us, both directly and indirectly.
It is clear, that the first entity, came with hostile intentions. But, sometimes, the direction of their actions might not be too clear. In your story, you mention that this was the first time you met your Spirit Guide. Now, I am not going to say, it's not what it claims to be, I am just going to advice you, to take everything with a grain of salt, and always invetigate deeply of the facts and the information you have. Adequate or not, it's all you have, so work with it. Same goes for the spirit that woke you up, and, in general, for everything in life, spiritually or physically wise.

You also mention, that you have been under the care and guidance of your Celtic Shaman friend.
If you seek true knowledge, beyond shamanic teachings, I can help you. But if you just want to focus on shamanism, I can't give you much information due to the fact there are fundamental and knowledge that exist outside of shamanism.

This world is a miracle, and we are miracles, ourselves, and there is so much more, everything is flowing.

If you wish to discuss further and explore new spiritual paths, feel free to contact me. I have my email on my profile.

Talk soon
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-24)
[at] paradroid, You are at a pinnacle of spiritual awakening to where the choices you make upon what you do next will drastically change your entire life. We all have our beginnings that set in place to help us awaken to what's more than just the physical, yet we all come to a point where we just have that one big huge experience that is clearly a bit breath taking and we strive to figure out where to go from there.

I acknowledge your character to make the choice to find a mentor for yourself upon the incidents you have been through spiritually and bold to look pass waiting on others - for you choose to pursue opportunity on your own.

I can greatly offer you much help in your search of a mentor, as I am one myself looking for those in need to lend a hand. I stand with the Guardians to bring souls to the light through spiritual and personal development.

If your interested in being apart of a larger purpose to help save lives then you should feel free to email me at oneeyedpirate[at]
Victoria1893 (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-24)
Hi there
It's great that you've decided to take on the journey of awakening. Know that it's a process that won't ever end because we never stop learning and growing.
That entity doesn't sound like a guide. I've been in situations before like I try to scream or shout to wake me up but it's like you've lost your voice and can't make any sound. That's from the entity that wants you there in that "dream reality "

I don't agree with your friend telling your he's meant to be your guide and you did good to cleanse.
I'd suggest to ALWAYS shield because even just seeing these beings around, you maybe think they aren't doing harm but they are influencing your energy until they can make a bigger attack on you. It's all small things that add up.

We have a group too and we can help guide and mentor you.
I'm curious bout why you want to train and awaken, what are your goals etc.
Feel free to email me at vicki.l1893 [at]

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