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All of the time I am constantly remembering what I have dreamed about by receiving visions when the event I dreamed about occurs. This happens all the time. Then when the event occurs I have a vision of what else happens during the event. I have had this gift for it seems like forever and have loved it ever since but have come to a scary witness. I had a vision of meeting whom is my best friend now, Jadyn. I have some kind of hyperlink with her because I can see events happening to her all of the time. The most scariest and recent was one day I was a little concerned as she had not been attending school or contacting me and that night I had a dream about her being in some kind of hospital. The next morning I then had a vision of her sitting in what seemed to be a darkish room with brick walls and a medal door and she was in some kind of robe with her head down as she sat on the bed and was murmuring to herself. The next day I found out that she was indeed in a mental hospital, as I predicted. I am trying to figure out how to strengthen this gift but haven't found out how to do so yet. Can anyone help me with this? It has been a very scary experience and has been weird ever since and I have had some even worse visions and haven't had any good ones yet and it starting to bring me down because I haven't had any good visions or dreams of the future. I do keep a journal with all my thoughts and dreams and would love to share anything that can help me out with these experiences.Thanks

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wacopoetgirl (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-02)
I hate having visions in general I never know when they are going to happen I just know it going to happen. If I dream something vivily it all way come true no matter what I do to try to change it. Is there anyway get this ability to go away
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-25)
Hello arrowandnatalie,

It's good that you write your dreams in journal. That will help you understand how your dreams are connected to the actual events. It seems from what I read that you don't have any symbolic precognitive dreams which can make the dream interpretation much trickier. I think your main question was how you can strengthening and control this ability. Well, one step in that direction would be to take a more active role in your dreaming. Right now you are just passively receiving precognitive dreams at a random rate. You can learn how to control your dreaming of future events, at least to a certain degree. You could start with asking questions about your own future or any other future event (doesn't have to be directly related to you) before going to sleep. This works well for me. There is much more about this, but I hope it helps you get started.


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