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About 5 month ago I had some physical contact with a person who I feel has changed something inside me which I feel is some kind of a spiritual awakening.

Things started happening like heart pains and funny feelings in my head;I really thought my heart had a problem, however I got It checked out.

I Think I've had some kind of the dark night of the soul too.

I've had ear sounds which are up and down buzzing and seeing numbers like 11:11 and master numbers. I don't think me and this person are twin flames but something is connected so I'm unsure.

I have had one strange vision and a dream too. The vision was a dream that turned into a Vision -in my dream I saw a sign that said lay back to speak with the angels so I did. Something happens my eyes they went up, I heard this wonderful sound but I was scared at the same time. I had what was like two pictures but I was not able to see them as whole pictures. One was red colour and the other was fragmented glass or something shiny which a psychic had already seen, but when it had ended I thought I was still dreaming but I was fully awake, I didn't wake up because I was already awake. The sound was not coming from my ears but from the side of my head. It was like a high pitched loving sound.

Since I have smelt incense and a baby smell.

The other night I saw what was a dancing orb trying to get my attention, it was flying under my nose. White purple like.

The other morning I felt like a could feel my mums emotions or we blended.

The house now has cold spots and I keep getting a cold sensation on my body or like tingle feelings.

In bed I feel cold air blowing at me or on my right side.

I'm really really scared about this situation that I can't be alone. I Think I'm scared cause it's new.

I was working on my laptop and it was charging all strange with cold air coming from I think my hands.

This is my family home and I've never been like this before.

Of the dark.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-19)
I have seen orbs by my face. And I have seen them many times. I won't let them go inside of me. The orb could be why you are having problems. Orbs are spirits. They can be bad spirits also.

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