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Clairsentience, Energy Manipulation And Missing Guardians?


My name is Alexander and I am new to the site and for the most part, to the use of my abilities in a conscious manner. My mother and I are both clairsentient, and she was actually the one who first confirmed my abilities. She and I have always been very interested in ghost walks, ghost hunting and various aspects of the paranormal since I have been fairly young. While I first noticed the manifestation of this ability to feel beings and energies at the age of eight, it wasn't until I moved here, to Texas and met a nice sized group of paranormal sensitives that I began to truly explore the extent of these abilities. I have a lot of questions to ask so please bear with me while I formulate them...

First and foremost, allow me to explain that I have had very little formal training and meditation is often very difficult for me. Despite this, I have feel I have managed to expand the range of my clairsentience to a fairly good distance on a night with a full moon or thunderstorms. Is it normal to experience a peak or spike in ability during these times or is it just my imagination? Also, I have noticed what I can only call vortexes, and that there are these otherworldly looking or feeling creatures passing in and out of these vortexes. I don't believe these are demons, but more along the lines of beings from another plane of existence. Has anyone experienced this kind of phenomenon?

Next, I have found that I have the ability to manipulate my energy and the energy of those within close proximity. I feel the flow of energy comes primarily from a source in the center of my forehead and the center of my chest (seeming to coincide with the two chakras). I haven't particularly paid much attention to chakras, but I am fairly familiar with the concept. In addition, I find that I tend to focus my energy most successfully by concentrating on my heartbeat in one particular part of my body (normally my hands or neck) and allowing that feeling to wash through the rest of my body until I feel "charged" or in control of my energy. Besides the obvious suggestion of meditation (which I suppose this could be considered a mild form of meditation) is there a better way for me to focus these energies, considering how scatter-brained and distracted I get or is this considered a viable way of focusing one's energy?

Also, concerning my energy manipulation, I have recently noticed a significant change in the feel of my energy. Before this one particular episode involving what one of my local peers called "grudges", my energy had always felt very cold, very fluid and much like a dark, turbulent sea. I had become very comfortable with this and when it changed to this very dense, solid, almost scorching heat (I can only liken this to cooling magma) it scared me a bit. I'll admit that the event that seemed to cause this change had been traumatic at the time, but I hardly see how it caused the essence/feel/element of my energy to change. Is this a normal? Is it even possible for one's element to change? Is it possible that a recent mental convergence of various aspects of my personality is the real reason behind this change?

On another note, I have a few questions about an event that occurred two Halloween's ago, during a period of full moon. I was staying with a friend at the time, who is a very powerful empath among other things. While he was still awake and working at his desk I had gone to sleep only to be awakened by a very strong disturbance around my friend's house. He didn't seem to notice the presence, however, he noticed my panic before I had the chance to say anything or even leave my bedroom. Needless to say, he thought nothing of it, but I could not break this feeling and Even while I was awake and pacing through the house. The vision itself was of a thick, red fog flowing across his field, surrounding the house and these beings trying to get into the house itself. I could only describe the beings themselves as tall, thin, creatures looking similar to the general idea of what "grey" aliens look like, only they had no eyes and sharp, pointy teeth. I ended up frantically "sealing" the windows, doors and any opening I could think the house may have with a barrier. At some point, I had overlooked the dog door and as soon as I felt the fog actually roll in, this grip of terror and panic took over and I kept repeating, "it's in's in here". After which, I suppose my empath friend did something to me and I guess I fell asleep. When I woke up, I remembered the events, but only as a kind of distant memory, with no emotional attachment to what happened.

Has anyone experienced this kind of red fog, these bizarre creatures, or even a total block of one's emotions tied to an event? What was this fog? What were these creatures? I swear on everything I know that I was awake for this whole thing but as skeptical as I am of it being just a dream, could this just be an extremely elaborate lucid dream?

Besides all this, about a year and a half ago I was visited by nine beings who had expressed their purpose to be my guidance moving forward. However, in the past six months at least, these beings have not contacted me nor have I felt their presence. I have no other way to describe them other than "The Nine" so I feel I can't really elaborate on their origin or their agenda. Meditation doesn't seem to yield any results with these particular beings, so I'm a little lost as to where they may have gone or for what reason. Thoughts?

I'm waiting on pins and needles for any and all responses,


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Pathwalker (2 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-24)
[at] JodenX: I emailed you. Thank you for your response and assistance! I will talk to you further off-site I hope.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-23)
As a Guardian of our Father I am here to help anyone in need and I will tell you few things Path-walker:

You are able to control energy better during a thunderstorm because what affects a thunderstorm to keep going spiritually is high velocity energy, for when you conduct actions of using your energy you start to see more of an effect and as for the moon, the moon itself emits a strong radiant energy for everyone. Many others able to use it to increase their abilities.

The area you live in is a hot-spot of high velocity energy for that those vortex you see with odd beings coming out are demons and reptilians working together and shape-shifting into a lesser form so that they wouldn't be notice too easy because they know your area is a hot-spot, for that many others in your area can spot them at times due to the high velocity energy that affects everyone in your area.

As for you using your energy the tips that I can give are deep meditation and using your will power, although if you would like to learn more we can train you to the extent where you can defend yourself with your energy.

The red fog that you were seeing that was covering the house was demonic energy from those being that were pursuing the two of you. Demons use their energy that way to claim areas as their territory and the best thing to get rid of that is a house cleanse. As for the demons they were of high rank but not too high for they were working for someone that has found something interesting within you. Those demons were after your soul because there is a special power you possess that they want. With that being said this lead to these "Nine" that have came to you, to be honest I am not able to discuss who these "Nine" are to you at this moment but they are watching you.

Thulsa I highly acknowledge your bravery for you are a very strong soul and must keep moving forward to fight for our Father. I would also like for you to contact me because I would like to share some information with you.

Lastly, Path-walker you are embarking into a journey of life that is very abstract. I would love to continue helping you if you like. Please feel free to contact me or anyone who reads this.

Pathwalker (2 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Thanks, Thulsa, for the explanation. I feel that I have found a powerful ally in my fiance's mother who is deeply spiritual and helped guide me through a prayer yesterday after I had told her I needed some help.

In regards to "The Nine", I can't really offer many more details other than they appeared to me in a period of shifting balance in my life (strong finances and poor mental/spiritual discipline to the opposite) and they had told me they were going to help guide my life in a new direction. When I first felt them, I felt these tall white entities circling my bed, with the "spokesman" at the foot of the bed flanked by four others on either side. Only one of them ever "spoke" to me, but for quite some time, these beings followed me nearly everywhere. Sometimes it was just two or three of them, other times it was all nine. When they were around, I felt safe and almost impervious to bad energies. I imagine they were guardian angels of a kind, but I'm almost positive they were of another dimension. At first, they refused to tell me anything, only demanding discipline and absolute trust. Having been in the military that wasn't too hard. As life progressed (and started to improve) they became a little more open, but still refused to tell me what they were or why they were there. Right now I feel I am smack in the middle of a spiritual awakening and if these beings were involved in getting my life back on track before, I would think they would be around for this part of my life, but they've disappeared.

Does this help to explain The Nine a little better?
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-21)
Pathwalker, To Clarify what I was saying about the White Witch. It isn't a human person or actual witch, that is just the name given to the description of the entity. It resembles what folklore has handed down in stories. I will describe it in detail. This is a Higher Demon. It is thin and pale almost translucent. It looks to have a long thin flowing white to gray gown which could be the color of smoke. It's hair is long and thin and reaches to it's waist line. This entity can shape shift from an elderly looking man, to an elderly or young woman, even to a beautiful little girl. It will use different forms to either deceive or frighten you. It also may send or post a Hell Hound or Demon Dog after a person to attack, frighten, or drive off a protector. The White Witch is the best description that labels how this entity looks. It is very powerful and is not a spirit. It does not normally come after you directly unless you have threatened it or made yourself known to it intentionally or sent up a beacon or open a portal I.E. Use of Ouija board or conjuring spells. It is pure evil, contempt, and anger all rolled up into one. I can't tell you enough what people are playing with when they invite this thing. I have battled with it and it's minions. My mom had even tried dream catchers and such to try and help with the nightmares I had as a child. That is when it started for me. I would wake up in a cold sweat and could not remember anything. She on several times found me sitting up in bed talking and babbling to some one she could not see. I did not remember anything. As early as I can remember there used to be a shadow of a man sitting at the door to my room that watched over me as I slept until about the age of 12 and that is when things changed. That is when he disappeared and the nightmares started to come. I never could remember them for about 2 years and then I started to remember what I experienced. Soon after I started to get visions of these creatures just as I started to close my eyes. Then I started to do battle and hunt them in my dreams. I learned to control my dreams and protect myself I had no choice. Then it just progressed from there and I believe that is what made this thing sit up and take notice. It started first sending things after me in my sleep and then it progressed from there. I was able to start seeing these things on our plane or world. What makes this tough is I was raised a devout Christian and was conflicted most of my young life. I think all this came together and caused this entity to come after me ultimately in physical form. I was not able to grab a hold of it but could grapple with it's minions. After destroying it's "Demon Dog" or Hell Hound it sent for me it took matters personally. People can call me crazy and I don't care. Believe me or don't it doesn't matter. I can tell anyone if you experience this Demon you will know exactly what I am talking about. Don't doubt me it is real. Sage salt and the standard stuff will slow down the lower entities and malevolent spirits for awhile, but will not phase this Demon. Love,Light,prayer will drive it away for a period until it sees an opening or weakening. Holy symbols will help ward it off but will also anger it terribly. It will take it as a challenge. If this is what you are dealing with only GOD and his light will drive it away for good. I have gone through this personally and no longer am threatened by it at all.
Pathwalker (2 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-21)
Thulsa, I greatly appreciate the comment. It was interesting to read this, as I had no idea what these things were and like I said, I could swear on everything I know that this was in the physical plane, not in a dream. However, I will take precautions like you said. My fiance has some people in his life that are very gifted with the strength of the Lord. I myself have my own ideas of God and choose not to associate with organized religion (personally, I think the bible is just man's corruption of the actual word of God/Allah/Creator). I will ask them to help me pray for protection.

As for the period of my life that I encountered these "minions", I had just been discharged from the military, and was at a point where I lost sight of what was important. It is very likely that my involvement with some people (a green witch, a white witch and a shaman/skinwalker) had adversely affected me at this time. Some cleansing rituals had been performed by the others (I was not involved) and afterwards I seemed to notice more and more manifestations of bad energies around me.

I was under the impression that white witches had a specialization in helping others and protecting them, so your mention of a white witch as a malevolent being strikes me as a bit odd. Anything can happen though, I suppose.

Thanks again for the comment!
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-21)
Pathwalker, As far as the nine you speak of do you have more information about them or what was going on at that time in your life. This might help you sort it out in your mind. As to the beings you are talking about I left a comment earlier on someone else's experience. I have actually physically done battle with these entities and they are not aliens. The Red fog I have not seen but maybe was in your dream state leading up to it I don't know. These are minions and do the bidding of higher demons they are not that strong by themselves and so travel in pairs or groups. They first will attack you in your dreams or just at that point where your falling off to sleep or starting to wake up. They are trying to generate fear to gain power and you are most venerable at that point. They have visited you before in your life in your sleep in another image or form. They will come again as they grow stronger and will physically manifest once they have fed on enough fear. You have opened up or set up a beacon that is drawing them to you. You need to protect yourself and stay away from the dark arts, you are opening yourself up to a realm you should not play with. I have done battle with and defeated these same entities but was physically attacked and thrown and there was 2 of them at that time. They were tall thin and gray with clawed fingers. There was three fingers and a thumb. They were very thin and about 7 feet tall just a bag of bones. The ones I battled had sunken holes in their faces where eyes and a mouth should have been with thin skin stretched over the holes. There also was What I call The White Witch, which is just a description of the being. They were controlled by this being. They manifested in physical form not a dream and I had bruises to prove it. I was at a difficult point in my life and was young and venerable. Don't let anybody try and tell you that sage or salt or some other charm will protect you. It will go beyond dream catchers. You are dealing with something much more dangerous than a wandering spirit. These are evil entities lower demons as I said minions. The only thing that will protect you is GOD. You need to pray every night before you go to sleep and ask for protection from Evil, Harm, and Sickness. You need to ask for GOD's light to fill every dark corner of your home and drive away the Evil hiding there. Listen and pay attention to what you are praying for. I am telling you this because I know what is coming and how to ward it off. If you don't believe me go play with a Ouija Board and see how much worse it gets. Someone close to me a friend thought that stuff was cool and even started to try and cast spells and perform Witchcraft ceremonies. It wasn't long after that strange things started happening and it got bad. I was affected by it and I had no part in what he was doing but was in the area where he opened the portal. I am telling you to do this now before it also starts to affect your family. Don't mess around with this stuff. I don't know your faith but all religions have a form of an evil thing, I am sure there is a reason for that. Protect yourself and your family and ask your friend what he remembers leading up to what you experienced. You better be careful on how you proceed forward. I am not trying to scare you just inform you of what is to come if you don't change what your doing. Sorry about the length of the comment.

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