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Not Allowed To Touch Tarot?


Allow me to start by saying my mother is a very firm believer in tarot, palm reading and the sort and has a fairly good history of being very accurate in her readings for others. When I had started to become aware, and therefore curious of my own clairsentience, my mother had said she had done some tarot readings for me and my brother. She was adamant not to disclose the details of the readings which I respect but I can only think that this meant the readings were not of good fortune. Now my brother has been fairly well endowed with looks, brains and focus... All of which I seem to have fallen a tad short on. So when I inquired about my mother's tarot reading fairly recently, she told me only to never touch tarot cards and never to have readings performed in relation to my future.

Now, I understand there are rules to tarot. That if you read for yourself, you tend to see only what you want to see and often end up misinterpreting the results. I also understand that tarot opens a whole new can of worms than what I have explored through the probing of my own abilities and that it is very easy for bad energies or spirits to latch onto an inexperienced tarot reader.

Here is my question, can anyone tell me in detail why my mother would be so adamant about me steering clear of tarot reading? I figure since this is a question about my past, it is safe to ask. Is she warning me to keep me from knowing some dark secret? Or is she worried that I may bite off more than I can chew and invite some evil into my life?

This has been bugging me for a while now but I would greatly appreciate any input, especially from any gifted tarot readers.

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