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I have been learning my Tarot cards for just 8 months and am amazes at what they tell me. They will solve any unsolved mystery be it crime or someone missing but each time they answer as-well as offering in depth proof.

I have always had a kind of psychic side to me, but was never aware of what it was until now. I didn't really think about how I had come to no information I did about things mainly related to unsolved crimes. I seemed to no the in and outs of crimes that I some how heard about. It was like I could vision in my head exactly what had took place from start to finish. I sometimes picked up on when bad things were about to happen especially around me or my family. I also have experienced entity's on many occasions and rid of them with the help of prayer and finally accepting the Divine into my life. I have now been blessed with a miracle where I can help people when they need it most. I do not predict the future for people as believe this to be acts of the occult although I will give guidance when people need guidance and for the right reasons. I would be a fantastic Psychic detective and will prove to be so accurate in my readings that people will one day soon take me serious. I never thought it was possible in real life that people could actually have the ability, to do what I claim I now can do, and would have doubted anybody claiming what I am claiming and questioned there claims. I would have wanted proof beyond any doubt that someone can solve any mystery any where in the world with the use of my Tarot cards called Tarot of a moon garden.

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