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Just want to share a little story that happened. I was going through my deck of cards guessing well not guessing it's actually more of sensing what color red or black. For most it comes to me right away but for some I close my eyes and then see that color that is what I did I closed my eyes and saw a red figure kind of like an old man with a top hat smoking a cigar. I said red and turned the card over. I was right. I also see people's auras. But I see them very lightly and want to enhance this. I have good remote viewing skills I will just tell you another short story, I was on this site the game with the numbers and you try to sense what the picture would be like. I sensed it would be smooth but still slightly cracked orange and yellow and eatable almost. The picture came up to be a smooth eggshell that was orange with it cracked open on top and yellow yoke inside. I did the same thing with a different number and sensed that the picture had life to it but also seemed lifeless and dull but with sparks. The picture turned out to be a black and white picture of a city. Which represented what I thought lifeless meaning no color but full of life and motion meaning the city and the people in it so busy and all motion. I am also practicing communicating with animals. I would like to enhance my skills. If you have any exercises or websites I can practice them on then please comment them. I am also practicing telekinesis and need tips on that from you, Thx so much for listening to this and please if you get a chance comment.

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