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I Started To Read Tarot Cards With My Friend


I'm fifteen years old and during this past year I've been having many psychic experiences and have been looking for some sort of encouragement. It started mostly after I started to read tarot cards with my friend and her mother who have been doing this for years. I've always had feelings and such, but after I opened myself up to read tarot cards I've been having strange experiences. I now have a lot of Déjà vu and at first I felt presences around and not good ones at that. For awhile they gave me nightmares that woke me up in the middle of the night. After awhile the plot of the dreams started to come true. I had a dream that my mom's friend was crying and angry and told me to bury stones. The following week my mom found a bottle of alcohol In my closet that the woman had bought me and told me to hide it but I didn't hide it as well as I had thought. A few weeks later I had a dream of a blonde woman with a cat who was trying to kill me and all these faceless people in my dream. I knew my best friend was there in the dream but them she disappeared. The blonde woman came into the basement door and said bad things happen in threes. A few weeks after that dream my friend that had disappeared in the dream was supposed to meet me in the bathroom at school. When she didn't come I found her in the hallway she was molested in the staircase and when we went to the guidance room to report it the blonde woman from my dream turned out to be her guidance councilor which was weird because I had never seen her in my life.

Things kept getting weirder. One night while staying at my friend house I woke up and saw an apparition in the corner of a young woman with black hair wearing party clothes and appeared to be drunk. She was holding black high heels in her hand and was laughing but I couldn't hear her. She turned to me and placed her finger over her mouth and said "shh" before she disappeared. I know I was awake for that and when I talked to my friends' mom about it she said that's my mother. Her mother passed away a Few years ago but when she was younger she had Black hair and was a party girl. I didn't know that. And yet it still doesn't end there. I always just seem to know things. I know something bad will happen before it does or get a knot in my stomach before I get in trouble. I always know if someone is lying to me because I can pick up certain feelings from them and I notice them right away. If anyone reads my experiences please reply and give me advice. I'm not a strong psychic but I'm part empathic and I get Déjà vu and can tell if something bad us going to happen and I don't know if I'm crazy or what. Someone please reply with some advice or short stories of their own. Thank you.

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Lyro (467 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-22)
You're perfectly sain, lol. Visions are not bad, my friend has them often, and she even told my future, and about the major mudslides that hit California before it happened.
lost-in-my-own-mind (8 stories) (44 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-22)
hello... Your story has acctually given me encouragment. Every story I have read has talked about having visions for years since they were little but I too got mine around 15, a year ago. The bad feelings I feel to about my self, my boyfriend, and my best friend. I get them alot, but they don't always come with a vision so I don't always know what is going to happen. Both of them know about my... Um... Gift... So I try to warn them. You are as sain as I am... Which might not be saying much 😆 but I like to think I'm sain 😊 if you have any questions I'll try to answer them with what I know... Hope I can help 😊
Tessanicole (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-22)
Thanks. I've just started looking into that's part of the reason I put this up I need advice lol. Thank you for your comment. 😊
Karma884 (1 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-21)
wow girl you got a gift. I get de ja vu every now and again.

And every now and then I'll feel like something bad going to happen. Sometimes I'm right.

Buti don't kno girl... But got something and should look in to it more

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