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I'm Just A Nice But Odd Guy Who Can't Be Read


It first starts off when I was on holiday, doing some stuff and perusing the streets as one does.

We decide that there is enough time to kill and find a shop for mediumship, tarot and palm reading. This was about 10 years ago and after seeing my friend having a good time, was £10 for a quick palm reading to which my friend was finished in 15 minutes!

About 6 years ago a lady come to work where I was, she said she had mediumship skills, to which that she gave everyone but me at work "readings" per-say, a colleague asked what she could get for me, and her reply was that she couldn't read me and this was really odd and she didn't understand what was going on or why!

Coming closer to present day and this is where it gets very interesting! 3 years ago now, I have seen this medium do his shows many times, he does a whole rage of things for entertainment which wasn't just reading but also table tipping, seance hypnosis and the times when he holds an item and reads the family who owns/owned that item (usually jewelry but has also done clothing and other things that people have, once it was dentures of someone who departed! Eeew LOL)

Anyhow that aside I have seen him put people in hypnosis in 10 sec flat! But for me, he couldn't read me too, so he tried to hypnotize me, to which his tried and tested method didn't work so he tried a different way, one that I have never seen before, Oh how I was hoping to be put "under" I would love to see what it would be like! Sadly that too didn't work and he said "oooo someones protected" in a naaa-nana-naaa-nah way of saying it.

Towards the end of trying again he said he can't as I have something with me.

Now a little about me, 7 years ago I had a mental episode and while off work I had plenty of time to think, well I knew I seen and heard things and wondered about practicing various different things, I, on my own honed my skills, I got quite good, I could see everything, hear and talk to them, this is where I got what would call my pets, however most called them elementals and deeply religious mediums called them demons?

Well, I know they haven't hurt me on purpose, I have been scratched on my legs a few times but I see it like every animal that has claws will scratch you, heck I was always being clawed by my cat if they wasn't trimmed lol but just like any pet they love fuss and attention to which I played with them and when they got a tad hyper the lights would flicker and things would fall over!

The doctors was gaining more worrying about my condition as it was being made worse by many different type of pills, so when I eventually seen a psychiatric doctor he was asking me the usual questions, did I hear voices do I see things etc, well I said yes, he replied with what you'd expect, when did you last experience this? And my answer raised an eyebrow as I said it was happening right now in this room.

Explaining to him it was an old lady, not speaking English which was odd, and I tried to copy what she was saying. The doctor turned from looking at me, puts his pen down between the rows of his keyboard and asked to be excused!

10 minutes or so later he comes back into the room and his face and eyes are red, he obviously been crying, he said that what I said was the last thing his grandma said to him before he came to the uk in the mid 60's.

He was dutch or something? Not sure never asked but he said he never believed in the afterlife and that I could never know what was said, nerveless have said it in his language but more so in the local dialect too!

When I met my girlfriend I explained all this and it didn't cause an issue, except when guests came and they felt a heavy lump jump on their legs like a dog had jumped on them and sometimes they got scratched too.

That aside now that house was just so haunted with so many spirits coming and going, this is where I decided to get into "ghost hunting" more so to use the equipment to let the spirits tell people what they want in their words being recorded and put out on the net for everyone who wants to hear their story that they can!

Present day and the "gift" I would say is getting bothersome, I don't to do readings for people, I know that they'll keep asking me and insisting for one which would be a pain in the bum, i'm sure most of you mediums know what I mean LOL

Me, i'm antisocial, i'm an introvert, a hermit of kinds and don't like to be pestered by both, living and the dead!

That medium I seen many times has asked for my help on some occasions as he can't get the glass to move etc, he offered me to take charge of the table to be tipped, well all I can say is that I can see when he tips the table he does so from his direction, as I'm good at noticing the little details wink wink, well, I made this heavy pub table tip towards me, this I'm sure he wasn't expecting! Oh and yes he knows I'm a medium, he picked me out on one of his first shows and heavily questioned me in front of everyone why I was there and why don't I want to do reading etc etc, maybe he felt like I was trying to show him up or something? It must have eaten at him all night and wondered when and what I was going to say and do LOL.

Oh and by the way, if anyone was wondering what my mental condition was, I have a mixed mood condition called bipolar.

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ian_uk (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-04)
[at] carri, email sent
[at] RockShan, its fun to see people get totally confused and blown away isn't it lol
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-04)
I can read you. Email me at rcarriwill [at]
Give me a try.
RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-12-04)
[at] ian_uk I understand why you wouldn't want to talk to others about this sort of thing... I am mostly self taught and don't use methods mainly talked about on here. I tend to only talk to others on the internet as well, (just as you said, many things involving this defy science as we know it).
ian_uk (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-04)
[at] RockShan
[at] keyofallsouls

You are right many tablets that alter state of mind can cause issues with mediumship and control, I try to keep off the antipsycotics by understanding how and what's wrong... It works well for me because I have a lot of mental discipline, been about 7 months since I took one tablet and man months before that. I'm not going to lie and say I don't have anything else, far from it, on average I have between 3-8 codeine 30mg a day and medication for long term vertigo, sinus issues, stomach problems too as a general day to day...

My energy is usually grey like a heatwave coming off the road, I do feel and see "energy auras" of most things, old tvs' used to put off some funky energy patterns lol. But as lately my aura is dark as I'm ill with multiple infections which is knocking me about quite a bit which means more medication.

Most the time I don't block energies, its too consuming and as I said it highlights me as a target for them to follow...
When I do block spirits I don't do the normal ball of light, I have seen too many issues with spirits easily getting directly in to the head so I change the angle of energy so the top and bottom don't go head to crotch, but more through the stomach...

I asked my "pet" guide to forcefully break into my energy, this was the only way I could learn how to protect myself, I got that good that my pet was putting in so much energy that I lost concentration once and was physically scratched on my foot, I just checked to see if the faded scaring could be seen but after 3 years its almost gone and the camera don't show it due to auto-white balance...

Its not that i'm blocking mediums on purpose, I don't want to be mind read as that's not talking to the spirits to pass messages over.

Other things I managed to do by self taught and some guidance by spirits is how to change energy and move it, I don't mean telekinesis but the energy of a being and energy in air,
For instance once a spirit wouldn't leave me alone so I trapped it inside my energy and brought it in close then collapsed it, didn't see that spirit for about 4 months, it then had more respect for me? Don't know exactly what happened?
The other thing, I showed a 13 year old and asked her to ask the science teachers how (what I shown her) was possible, I put my hand out about 1 meter away in front of a calibrated infrared thermometer, I then dropped my temp almost 10c from what the reading was in about 30 sec, then, brought it back up, she was holding the thermometer probe...
The teachers answer was given as "that's not possible" I showed her that I can keep my temp within normal range... She was ever so confused with what she seen and what the science teachers exclaimed wasn't possible lol.
I can also make people near me warm or colder and my favorite trick is to ask someone to put their hand under a 100watt incandescent light bulb, I then put my finger equal distance under their hand vs the bulb on top of their hand, then I heat up the bottom of their hand hotter than the bulb making them jump lol...

The problem I have talking about this stuff to people is I have learned a lot of things that defy science as people understand and most people think I talk rubbish until they experience it but others who I can't prove it to because I can't show them in person due to distance suggest i'm over exaggerating or making myself sound "big."

Just when you're ill and have loads of time to think and practice this stuff you become proficient in it.

Sorry that I type up such long reads, I like to be as thorough as I can,
Thanks for your replies and await for more questions, comments and you helpful advice:-)
RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
[at] Keyofallsouls That is what I felt as well, very light energy. I didn't delve deeper into his energy/soul, as I would prefer permission (sometimes) :P.
RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
You're story is interesting, but I don't like the statement "I can't be read". I haven't found one person that is fully resistant to readings, well at least the method I use. But there are many people that do have an ability to be harder to read, but not impossible (never impossible).
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
Your story and comment really interest me.

I'm impressed that you are able to resist readings from other people. I just find that pretty amazing.

I know that sometimes medicine can affect us pyschicly. You probably already knew that though ahahaha.

Anyways, I think I might be able to help you feel less drained with that energy block. Maybe instead of focusing on blocking energy and other spirits out, go for a more of a filtered-block approach. So, basically, layer your block with the outer most one preventing all negative entities and then the next few layers or so trickle, allowing for the most benefiting spirits/energy to make it to your final layer. Inside your final layer could be where just your energy resides and where you recharge yourself, if you are on the go and have no set physical place to go back to to recharge your energy.

Your energy to me seems very white (pure white) with grey-silver fading around the edges. The grey-silver then forms a light layer around your white energy, being more of a silvery, light grey. I read people's energy a little different than others and thought I'd throw this in here:)
ian_uk (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
Hi lauterb, thank you for your reply.
I only give messages to people when spirits piss me off enough, I work with the public and as you could agree I see many people a day and if they was all to start asking for readings it would make my job very difficult, also as you know you don't get spirits for people all the time but desperate people think you do lol.

To be honnest I find this "gift" more of a curse, nice at first but its time and energy comsuming and this affects my health as the spirits keep pestering me, the more I put up a block the more they follow me as I'm a beacon of light but with a block up I must be seen as a flare in total darkness!

This guy I see at shows has bad health and no actual job, so as a performer who adds in some mediumship I don't mind paying a tenner (about $15) for 4 hours of live entertainment that you also can join in the fun with!

I went to my local spiritulist church, and vowed never to go back again...

Few things put me off, first, I'm not religious so wasn't my thing to pray... Second and this is important, someone who is a psychic was trying to get into my head, very forcfully too may I add, I know when someone tries as I have pains in certain places of my head... So that being said the two "mediums" was maybe only psychic and not a medium...
Other things was that the place was filled with many people, and a handful of spirits who was getting frustrated as the "mediums" was not communicating with them...

It's a sign that they are mediums when I see and hear what they too are reporting... Like the guy at the show, I see, hear and feel things before he says them to people, he is better versed at putting the picture together than I am due to his experience, as you know images and mixed media isn't in any particular order and gets very confusing.

On a side note I could have done better job cold reading than them two at the church...
Wouldn't have been so bad but from talking to the group they was two of the better people and they was well seasoned and versed in mediumship supposedly? Don't know how...

Thank you for the links, I will look into them when I have my witts about me, as it is 7:40am and I'm due to go to bed soon:)
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-02)
Dear Ian

Good that you already know that you are a medium, this is half of the problem. The other half is what you do with your mediumship!

I am a medium too, ostensive I mean, psychophonic and psychographic, and I use this to help others incarnated and not incarnated spirits, for free of course!

The only place you can develop and use for good your mediumship is in a spiritist center and parallel study about!

I can only guess that your spirit guide block all reading in purpose, for me I am allmost sure to discredit those who use their mediumship for amusement and entertainement and even more for those who charge for that!

I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


On the study side I would start with (free download at):

Good study!

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