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Unprepared, Overwhelmed, And Forcefully Reawakened


I think that before I begin telling the story that brought me here, I am going to have to share a little about myself. Everyone in my direct bloodlines has an ability, so I am "gifted" from both parents. I'm not sure how common it is for families to all have the same basic core for their abilities, but both mine do. My relatives on my Mom's side are all gifted with mental, or psychic, abilities; my father's family is based in directional gifts. Even though each line has a shared source, their members cover every aspect in ability strength and classification.

I personally am a medium, and a dream walker, but my brothers are both completely different. I'm the only medium in my family, and the only one I've ever met, but the way it works for me isn't like anything I've come across. I can see them, if I focus all the sense a spirit gives me into my hands I can touch them, and I can "hear" them. Things I cannot do are command them, call them, repel them, or actually hear them. The way I "hear" them is one of the things that is apparently different. Whenever a ghost "speaks" to me I get images in my mind, and then have to try to translate. This becomes even more difficult since things mean different things to different people. Dream walking is pretty simple to understand, and basically the same with everyone, my spirit vacates my body to go wandering. The last thing you all should know about me, before I start my story, is I don't think I'm "gifted". I think it's a curse, and I hate having abilities.

My story starts after the beginning, my story starts with a song, and a little girl. My brothers, and I, grew up in an abusive home, and I would spend days with little to no sleep afraid if I closed my eyes something bad might happen. One night as I lay in bed exhausted, afraid, and holding the same argument with myself I did every night about which option was worse: sleeping, or not; I began to hear a girl singing to me. Hee voice was soothing, and her song calming, and soon I easily fell asleep. The thing about being a dream walker is that sleep doesn't really hinder you much, and so I followed her voice to her dream and first met my guardian angel. I won't talk about her dreams, because they aren't mine to share, so small time jump here. Like me she to was an abused child with multiple abilities, and siblings to protect, her abilities were empathy and dream manipulation.

We quickly became each other's source of strength: she eased my fear, I gave freedom, and we both gave the other friendship. Somehow we formed a psychic link, and I don't know when it happened. It just slowly became aware that I could see her sometimes, and she could feel me sometimes. It was strong enough that she had her rib fractured when mine was, and I can't tell her side as to what I experienced with her. For years we helped each other keep our families alive. That is until something happened, and her brother died.

I was 12 when I met her brother, when he gave me a message for her, and she severed the link. It was the day he died. More time jumps here. At 22 I finally managed to fully block my abilities, and I had been working on that since I was 6. That was 8 years ago, and I had never let her existence be known. She was my deepest secret, until four days ago.

I was at home, playing on Facebook, and then life took a sucky turn. I went to comment on a friend's post, and right as I hit enter another comment appeared. As usual with Facebook, a conversation started between the two of us. We moved from the post to messenger, and then she sent me a voice message. The voice was the same as the girls was, after having been hoping to find her for 18 years I had to find out. I kind of beat around the bush, but she kept up saying things only the girl would have known. When I was sure it was her I passed on the message I had held onto for all that time. As soon as she read it something happened neither of us were prepared for.

Our link opened, EVERY protection we had vanished, and both our abilities went into hyper mode. The link is still open, and is causing weird physical problems for both of us. She is so sensitive to other people that she has been sleeping in her car instead of her house, and I am seeing spiritual things that are beginning to scare me. Can anyone offer a way to shut down the link, and lock mine away? For more information just ask.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-07)
Hello Poqits,
I agree with some of the other posters on the comments section. If you have a gift and it breaks through or activates it will never totally go away. You can learn to detune it with practice. It is kind of like the effect you get when you turn a light or fan up and down with a dimmer switch. They are never totally off, but just dimmer or slower and then brighter or faster. My own gifts seemed like a curse to me at first when they broke through. Mine started as a young child and scared me to death and my parents convinced me it was just childhood fears. They and I did not understand at the time. I managed to block them out for awhile until I hit puberty. Then all hell broke loose and I could not stop it. Finally my mom admitted to me that some people in my family on her side also had gifts, but hoped I wouldn't. At about the age of 14 I finally figured out how to control it. I got better and stronger with my control as I aged. I promise with time and acceptance it will get better for you. Don't I repeat do not try to ignore it away. That will not work, I tried and it got worse. For me, I grew up in a staunch Christian family and learned how to balance it in seclusion. I prayed a lot, read a lot, and studied all religions intensely. I took the commonalities from all of them and formed my own path. Here is a very simple concept or base line. Everyone experiences things on their own and must process them however they can and maintain balance in their own sanity. If something does harm you, stop doing it. If something scares you to death, don't ignore it. Deal with it or lean on someone else to help you deal with it. Do not seek the Dark Arts or commune with those spirits or entities. Evil is real and will find any method to hurt and destroy us if we let it. A Soul tether is dangerous and balance can not be maintained. One will consume the other or the weak one can fall prey to possession by a dark entity. First the tether must be broken by any means necessary and the two can not come in contact with each other again ever. Do not seek this other person, but have some one pray for her. People do not like to hear me say this or always agree, but Christ or God is our only true protection from Evil. There is balance in everything in existence and it will try to re-balance. Good and Evil stay in balance until some one or something tries to tip the scales. God will always triumph over Evil. I had a known Satanist throw everything he had at me and could not understand why or how I was protected from his onslaught. He told me to my face what he had tried to do and that it did not work.
Here is my summary. You need to immerse yourself into Christianity right now. This is for your protection. Your link mate is being attacked right now because she is the weaker of you two and is more easily attacked and easier to manipulate. You need to find a way to break your concentration and thoughts of her. You need to learn to turn inward into yourself and meditate on your own mind and body and become aware of it's systems Then find a quiet spot in nature and ground yourself. Close your eyes and concentrate on Nature around you and really listen. Then concentrate on God the creator and ask him to protect you. You need to let go of the other person and let someone else help her.
RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
Removing you're abilities? That isn't possible, they will always be there... Everyone has abilities most just don't know it. Whenever you discover them it's impossible to remove them (as they are apart of you're spirit or being).
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-02)
Dear Poqits

Good that you know that you are a medium!

I will not enter in details but what happened to you is very common and it is called mediumship suspension, this ocurrs for certain period of time due to a need for rebalance your life, the spirits "cut" their interference in your life as a sort of truce. The "hipermode" you experience is just the end of the truce!

Sorry to say your mediumship will not go away! Question now is what to do with your mediumship!

How do you think to use it?

I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


And also study about mediumship and spirit world, for start with (free download at):

By the way your entire family would be helped in case they participate together on this!

Good study!
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-01)
pray this soul tie breaks. Or link breaks. Ask God to help you two. Amen
Poqits (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-29)
I appreciate the efforts, but its still on. I've been doing as much research as I can find. Everything says that a link should barely be possible when the two are over half the country away. Its bad for me, but she is being pushed to far. She spent the whole day unable to get off her couch, because she is having breathing problems. I've found a way to lessen it, but that only helps so much.
RFX (1 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-28)
Not sure if it worked but I tried to de-tether the link. Hopefully it helps!
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-28)
wow not sure what happened. To you. Can pray this away this link?

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