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What Started As Visions Are Now Physical


First time I had a vision some 25 years ago, 1992 to be exact, I was taking a business course and staying in a hotel in Kansas City, which is across the street from the football and baseball stadiums. I had just left class around 3pm and came back to my room and dozed off for a few minutes. When I woke up, I looked up and saw a gentlemen in my room and I was startled and asked him what he wanted as I sat up. I could see him as clearly now as I did then. The room was full of light from the sun shining through the window and I saw he was a black man and had on a Denver Broncos football team jersey and black pants. He had a large Afro and horn rimmed glasses and I thought he looked like someone from the 1970s. He was smiling and cheerful like someone might look after seeing a football game. I saw him for several seconds before he started fading away.

Second time I was also napping at home and I opened my eyes and saw a woman and a little girl standing in my bathroom. The woman was brushing the little girls hair and they were just talking. I could not hear anything they said even though my room was completely silent. As I stared at them I notice my bathroom walls were a different color as though I was looking into another house. I clearly remember what they were wearing and how they look. They slowing began to fade away as I focused more and more on them.

Another time I was in a hotel again, and this time I awaking to see a man in a service uniform sitting on a bucket in my room next to the air conditioning unit. I could see his face and his beard and gray hair on his head.

This has gone on off and on for several years but it began to stop occurring. My wife died in 2002 and it completed stopped. I have NEVER seen my wife in any vision. These vision seem to me as if I'm seeing someone from another time. NOT GHOST.

Now I'm experiencing something totally different. Like others have stated, I am now feeling a presence in my bed at night. I'm TOTALLY awake and it has been happening EVERY night now. I turn the TV off and if I lie perfectly still for a couple of minutes I will start to feel something moving around at the foot of my bed. Like a small cat walking from my feet to my waist. It is always very gentle but sometimes it is rapid movements and other times like there are several animals moving around my feet. Now this movements are moving closer to my head and shoulders. I feel the covers being pulled and as if someone or something has sat on the bed. If I move or turn over they stop for a few minutes and then resume. I have only felt this in my home, not when visiting friends or family.

I have also while sleeping felt the frozen unable to move moments with the loud sound of wind and voices in the wind, but no visions.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-06-15)
If there is any truth to parallel dimensions, you are probably experiencing that. Notice the central theme around sleep? When coming in or out of sleep (the hypnogogic or hypnopompic states) our personal frequencies are broadened. This means we can perceive a greater bandwidth of perceptions. I can hear voices, radio stations and experience beings that I normally can't see. Though you are fully away and feeling those things around your bed, you'll still entering a heightened frequency. The frozen state is the catatonic state and is what I associate with pre astral projection. There is more information on that on my sister site to this one

I personally would be unnerved by those people in my room but you seem to roll with it quite well!:-)


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