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I Think Or Talk About Something And It Will Happen


I want to say last week or the week before, I was having a dream that I was over my friend Kaileys house, and I had been trying to die my hair, for some random reason my hair was a rainbow color it was blonde but with all sorts of different color blotches in it - I didn't really think of it until after the dream but there is a girl in my school with the same exact hair - I know odd. Anyways I looked in the mirror and saw my hair, my dream randomly switched to me having PURPLE hair! Just yesterday I had went to school and my friend was telling me a story about the girl that had the rainbow hair color, when I saw her. She had purple hair, turns out the story my friend was telling me about the girl, was that she is pregnant.

I know that it really didn't have anything to do with the fact that she is pregnant but I found it odd how all the sudden I had a dream knowing that it was about her, so I guess my dream was preparing me for something about her to happen. I have experienced a lot of other things like this to, but the other ones were more obvious that it was about the situation, for example me and my friend Kailey will be talking about something and it will happen, just today I was talking to her about something just a few seconds later my teacher was talking about the same topic, I had asked Kailey a question, oddly enough. What my teacher was saying answered my question. We have moments like this really often. So do me and my friend Sarah, but there's a few other things id like to post about, this is just one of them.

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