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Do I Have More Psychic Abilties Than Just Being A Sensitive?


I know for a fact that I am a sensitive, but as I read some of the different experiences from others, I wonder if I may have more.

One experience I had was back when I was 24 had a very vivid dream about my cousin. In the dream she was talking to me and all I could do was look at her stomach and I kept asking her if she was pregnant and she kept avoiding the question and continued talking about whatever she was talking about. The next day I called her and told her about my dream. My cousin and I are very close and been around each other since birth. We are exactly a week apart and we do EVERYTHING together. Anyhow, as I am recounting the dream to her she gets really quiet. What's wrong, I ask, and she replies that she thought she might have been pregnant but wasn't sure. Hearing my dream made her go to the doctor and sure enough she was indeed pregnant.

Another experience was when I was with my oldest son's father. It was the very first time we were physical and I had a dream that I was in the hospital room with him by my side and holding my hand. I didn't know why I was there or what was going on. Out nowhere, my stomach began to grow like I was about to have a baby. Four months later I was pregnant with my first son.

Later that same year, my mother was due to have her change of life baby lol (I'm 29 and have a sister and a son that's 7 lol) . Like about a month before she had the baby, I had once again another dream. In this dream I seen that my mother was going to have a beautiful healthy baby girl. I also seen the letter A. I told my mother who chose not to know the sex of the baby about the dream, she laughed at saying I just want a little sister. It really didn't matter to me cause I had my own family to deal with. Anyway, she called me to let me know what she had. A baby girl with the middle name starting with a "A".

Besides just the dreams I also have intuition about other people. For example a boyfriend of mine decided he wanted to go riding around with his cousin at 12am. I had this knot in my stomach about him leaving out and tried to talk him out of it but to no a avail he left anyway. He thought I just didn't want him to go anywhere. About 2 hours later, he came home saying how they got stopped by the police and he got a ummmmm "ticket". I had another "feeling " involving him again about 3months later. He was getting ready to leave to go to a carnival with the same cousin, just like before I had a bad feeling something bad would happen and advised him not to go. Just like before he didn't listen, reasoning that due to my pregnancy I was over emotional. Which I was but I couldn't shake the feeling. Two hours later his cousin called me and told me he had been arrested.

As you can see I have something just don't quite know if it's a coincidence or psychic. Any advice on what all this means and what are my next moves to enhance it. This gift comes out of nowhere and have no control over it. All comments and advice is welcomed:-).Thank you.

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star325 (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-03)
I'm not exactly sure but it most certainly sounds like you are more than sensitive if I had to guess I would have to say that you have premonitions Best of luck with your gift Star325
FairiesFlight (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-29)
vsecret82 ~ You have a great question. It does seem as if you have the beginnings of something. My mom is the same way. She will get something here and there. So it seems that you may have a choice to make. Do you want to just have it like you do now. Then leave it alone and let it come and go.
If you want to enhance it First ~ to find out if this is the path you want to,
~ meditate learn to relax your mind. Put Pandora on listen to meditation music, something calming and relaxing (usually no words or a chant) Pandora will find things. (Flute songs - nature sounds ect)
~ Listen to the small voice inside. What does it say. At first it will be very soft. Feel for it.
~ Try massage - giving one (if it is of interest to you)
~ learn about reflexology and Chinese pressure points. And 'applied kinesiology'

Best of luck and may light, love and wisdom be with you.
ngama30 (3 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-27)

This is a very nice story, it almost reminds me of myself and my boyfriend. There's times that we are just laying in bed and all of a sudden I hear him speaking to me, like if he asks me a question. So when I answer him back he gets surprised because he was only thinking of the question that he wants to ask me.
If you like, I just posted another story if you like to read it.
Blessings and love,

Ngama 😊

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