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A Sensitive In A Haunted Museum


I recently got a job at a museum (by recently I mean like two days ago) and I seriously forgot that I am super sensitive to energy. I'm not exactly sure what I am, I don't consider myself a medium because I associate that with being able to walk up to someone and tell them that their Grandmother is watching over them. I can't do that. But I know when there is a spirit in the room with me, and sometimes if I'm lucky they will give me an image in my head of who they are or what they looked like when they were alive. I have encountered many negative spirits and energy throughout my life (I've been doing this since my first memory). I eventually got so sick of the negativity I closed my minds door to the spirit world, sometimes I would sense things still, but I would ignore it and it would leave.

About a year ago, I lost my family dog. I was with her when she died, she pretty much died in my arms. I experienced a paranormal event with her death, which made my door open a bit.

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I experienced some negative energy (Both of us experienced it, it was no ones fault). It was so strange because I seem to attract paranormal events and situations, constantly.

So a few days ago was my first day on the job at the museum, and I had a project I had to do outside. I sat on the ground with my back to the door that led inside. A few minutes into my work, the door opened. At first I thought it was my boss, the museum director, but I knew that what/who ever opened the door, wasn't human. I turned around and the door stood open like someone had opened it to look out. It wasn't the wind because if it was the door would have flew open and hit the table that was next to it. I wasn't scared, more seriously annoyed that of course my job that I have to go to everyday is haunted. I got up and grabbed the door and closed it. I then said "Not today, it's my first day, can you all just give me a break please?"

Later that day, the director told me to walk around the museum and figure out where I would like to begin working, as I walked around each room I tried to get a feeling of what energy was in each, and who was in each room. Three out of the about 13 rooms felt light and happy to be in... Only 3!

Three rooms, I refused to go in because negative energy just radiated from them, especially the hospital room. As I walked around I got a sense that there were children in the museum and I even got an image of a little girl with dirty blonde hair. I later felt a man who was a sailor of some sort, I felt a police officer, a farmer, and a Black man who I felt seemed taken with me;). The strange thing is, these spirits I felt only stayed in the rooms that I felt them in, they never left. Later on the director wanted to take me to the basement, I noticed that above the door to the basement it said "PARANORMAL TOURS ONLY". I was like "What The Hell!" I mentioned it to him, and he said "Oh, yeah, by the way, this place is supposedly haunted, but I'm more of a Scully to your Mulder if you will."

That night I decided to brush up on my history of the Museum and I found a ton of info on it. There was even a youtube video explaining all the haunts and the ghosts. My feelings of who was in each room was pretty accurate.

I guess I should get to my question and where I need help huh?

How do I prevent any scary, negative, paranormal ghost shiat from happening to me. I draw it towards me and I know that spirits can see that my energy field is all out of wack because of who I am. They are drawn towards it and try to scare me to obtain my energy or something I don't know.

I've tried ignoring things and something will happen as soon as I try to pretend it isn't real. But if I acknowledge their presence, I feel them just loom over me and watch me and intensify their energy so I can seriously feel their electromagnetic field. I'm just trying to do my job, and live my life as normal as "I" possibly can.

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