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A Pink Planet And Premonitions A Shadowy Figure Chasing Me


I was on a planet in my first dream, well first dream that felt real the planet was pink and I was in the air standing on some thing and then something like thunder cracked, and all the rocks fell but didn't hit the ground like dust and I felt strong like mentally and there was a gold light around my hands and a shadowy figure came up in my face I touched it then woke up with a massive headache is it usual?

I started having visions on my 13th birthday and one thing in common was the gold light around my hands I'd have small things at first like a number then it'll be the answer, to a problem in class or a word that was used a lot then I had one of a car one person screaming and the other frantically driving then a few days later my uncle fell on a saw blade in his garage and cut a gash in his leg and my aunt said he was yelling the whole way to the hospital and the same with the headaches

And I have no idea about psychic stuff I looked up what is happening and I found this site But the scariest was the dream about the shadowy figure trying to touch me or tell me something but the gold light repelled it is it a aura am I being chased by a spirit or demon my family thinks I'm crazy and I've been seeing it during the day and getting massive headaches do you know what this is or what it is my youth pasture said it probably was just a dream but he looked worried then left to talk to someone and I'm really scared well very scared I'm scared about it all but any thoughts please?

Email me with thoughts it would be helpful or am I just losing my mind...

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Victoria1893 (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-10)
Hi. The pink planet dream may be a memory of a past life or you just projected there. The Golden light is a type of prana /white light /holy spirit energy. It has the power to dissolve darkness and dark beings aka the shadow figures you see.

These beings can drain you or put dark energy in you to manipulate and control your thoughts and actions and make you do as they want. You know they are trying to do something to you because you get random headaches, sometimes you feel weak or strong wind blow towards you in closed rooms, sometimes the lights flicker without a reason or your phone or pc do weird things.

Yours aren't just dreams and you know it.
If you want help with the demons or want to understand and develop your abilities or have questions feel free to email me at vicki.l1893 [at]
Lyro (468 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-06)
I sent you an e-mail, first thing to do is calm down, it's alright and you're not alone.
~ Lyro

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