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Haunted By A Spirit


Ever since I can remember, the paranormal seems to have been a part of my life. Now, my background: My father is "normal" meaning he does not have any affiliation with the paranormal, my mother on the other hand was a kind of psychic (she had dreams where she saw some people dressed in black and the following day or days, these people that she saw would be dead. Fortunately for my mother, she lost that ability later in life. Now my older sister is like my father, she has no "abilities" whatsoever, one of my brothers is a psychic too but hates it and I am a clairvoyant I do believe (I can see spirits with my third eye, hear them and also I can read people's eyes. Also, I am not too good at reading auras but can find out information about anyone for example a colour that matters to them, or something that happened to them earlier on in their life) Now, my mother always told me that I am like a lighthouse to spirits, something about my soul being very attractive or whatnots. I know that my inner aura colours are white and gold and that my aura feels like a warm hug (a protective aura) so I should only attract positive "beings" if my aura is good right? Nope, I am currently being haunted by a female entity that used to haunt a close friend.

That entity is from the 17th century I would say based on her clothing and hairstyle. She shows herself clearly to me and communicates with me frequently. She once told me her name (I forgot it except for her last name which sounds like "eye") and tells me that she does not wishes me harm, her aura feels freezing to anyone else but me, I feel warm and like her company even through she scares me (she is dead after all). She mentioned that she had two sons and the youngest died in an accident (fell through a window or climbed something and died) and she calls me her baby. I can see how the son looked clearly (she shows me). She also seems to be rather young so I sometime try to inquire about how she died but she refuses to acknowledge my question. Also, she has a creepy smile when she sees me (maybe it is an affectionate smile? But it's creeping me out.) and she is very touchy, by that I mean that she will hug me, place her hands on my arms and shoulder and caress my face which scares the beejesus out of me. Also another weird thing that I have noted is that she LOVES mirrors, she admires herself all the time. I don't know how to help her move on to the light as she refuses to acknowledge that she died. Also, she is very angry/ sad towards other people. My best friend can see spirits and she told me that that entity is very powerful (probably from being in limbo for so long). I believe that she is responsible for misplacing my objects on purpose (mischievous). I don't really believe in past lives but would like to know if this could be possible for her to be related to me. Is she a "demon"? What should I do?

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trishalynn (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
I can only share my experiences. I'm 47 & at 17 a friend at the time, told me she was into white magic. I began having nightmares every night & I somehow knew she was causing it. It scared me & I talked to my dad about it. He said "all you have to do is decide & make up your mind that she can't do it anymore." as soon as he said it, I decided she couldn't. Its never happened again. Sense I've never had a negative experience in dealing with the spiritual realm. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but its not my experience. Negative energy can't hurt me. I'm protected by God. I only sense the good & I gravitate toward it. I know in my heart mind & soul that evil can't touch me. God simply won't allow it. I'm sure some may disagree but it's what I've experienced. I don't mean this in a prideful way. I just somehow know. I hope what I've shared will help others
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-15)
[at] Shenaynay- I do not think this entity is a spirit of a woman that dies - from your interactions with it it seems more like another being impersonating as something else to become closer to you. I am skeptical that it may be a demon using this character to be close to you. Have you experienced weird dreams of nightmares or sexual dreams of this woman or another being using the same words that she calls you?

I think you should test the spirit for it to prove if it really is what it claims it is. Also if it really is a woman that dies then that makes it a lost soul that would need to be crossed-over to the light where it belongs. If you become friends with a "spirit" for too long it would wind up wanting to take your body to feel alive again and you don't want to be in a situation like that.

If you are interested in me helping you feel free to contact me 😊

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