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Was I Being Haunted And If So, Why?


In the summer of 2015, sometime around early July, I began to lose a lot of weight (over twenty pounds) with no good explanation. My mood became altered, I was experiencing intense anxiety for the first time in my life. Back in May 2015 just a couple months earlier I signed the lease for a house at UMass Amherst that I planned to rent with a few other girls for my junior year of college. It wasn't until after signing the lease that I discovered someone had died in the house just 9 months earlier.

I had an acquaintance (let's call him Jack) who was very close to the kid who had passed away in the house I was going to live in. I remembered Jack had posted a Facebook status condolencing the family and friends of the kid who passed away in my house. I decided to scroll back on Jacks profile until I came across that Facebook post because I knew he had tagged the person who passed away in my home and I wanted to find out his name. After finding his name I searched his obituary as I wanted to know exactly when and how he died. I discovered that he had died by suicide on the morning of September 21, 2014, around 6-7 in the morning in the basement of the house. He hung himself.

This sent chills down my spine. My father also died on the morning of September 21, 2011 around 6-7 am. He committed suicide as well. What really freaked me out was that my dad took his life by hanging himself in the basement of my old home just as the kid hung himself in the basement of my new home. What were the odds I would sign a lease for a house unknowing that a death had just occurred in it- on the same day, at the same time, in the same room of the house, and the same exact way as my father.

I decided to spend my first night at the house in Amherst after moving my furniture in at the beginning of August. I wasn\'t able to tell if the noises and creaking of floorboards and walls I was hearing in the house when I was alone were ordinary in nature - as the house did appear to be very old and pretty worn down - or if they were paranormal in nature - or if I was simply being paranoid after discovering what I had about the house. The weather was eerie and dark. I laid awake while it downpoured outside, heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightening just like the scene of a horror movie. One of my roomates had been staying in the house alone and her only complaint about the house was that things fell off the walls a lot, the firealarm would go off a few times with the absence of any smoke, and that it overall just "felt creepy."

When I finished moving in my furniture I laid in bed until I saw my roomates car pull in and I felt extremely happy to know I was no longer alone in that house. The window was open in my bedroom which was on the first floor and I could have sworn that I heard my roommate sobbing over the sound of a stern male's voice. I then thought I had made out the sound of her voice shaking and scared pleading, "no, please don't do this, stop, no, NO!" As if she were begging for her life- it was louder and clearer this time, she sounded like she was standing just a few feet from my window. My immediate instinct was to run to the front door and intervene / help her however I could. I ran to the main room and flung open the front door of the house expecting to see my frightened and crying roomate fearing for her life... It literally had sounded to me like she was about to be raped or killed. Instead, she waltzed into the house a little bit drunk and happy as a clam, laughing and joking around with her boyfriends arm wrapped around her. I was so confused but decided not to mention what I was sure I had just heard. I decided to shrug it off and dismiss it as my own nerves. I went to bed feeling strange and uneasy but eventually was able to fall asleep.

The next morning I broke out in a minor skin rash and itched the entire drive back to my mom's house in my hometown. That night, I was out with my friend when I received a phone call from my mother. She sounded scared as hell and I could hear the fear in her voice. She asked me to come home and she'd explain to me why she was so shooken up once I arrived. So, I rushed home and asked my mom to explain to me what was going on. She told me that although she was certain she remembered saying bye to me and watched me run out the door just a couple hours previously, she was sitting on her laptop at our kitchen table when she heard footsteps in my room. She said she heard them clearly, walk from my room, through my closet, and to the bathroom. She said she heard activity in the bathroom and somebody start to vomit- not just anybody, but ME specifically. My mother and I are very close and she swore she recognized the sound / "voice" of who was puking as my own. Even though it clearly wasn't my voice because I wasn't home, she said it sounded exactly as I do when I am puking, which she has heard a handful of times in her life. She said she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she bravely walked up the stairs to see nothing but darkness and an empty bathroom. Every light upstairs was turned off and nobody was there, and of course there was no vomit in the toilet.

I have always thought of a doppelganger sighting as an actual visual experience of seeing a double of a living person. In this case my mom hadn't seen me and I didn't talk. She said she simply heard me walking and puking (loudly and clearly enough that she could not have been imagining it or mistaking another noise for it like I inquired about). Just as quickly as it had occurred, it disappeared and has not happened since.

About three days after my mom had this experience I was home alone on the phone with her when I was in my room and began to feel pretty naseaus. I got off the phone and walked from my room through the closet into my bathroom where I suddenly began to vomit in my sink. I was really freaked out when I looked into the sink and saw that my puke, for the first time in my life, was black. I started to wonder if what my mom had heard the other night was a forewarning as to me puking in the sink that day. But why was I puking black? And why did my mom hear it days earlier?

***some background information of my unlucky number and how it relates to my experience***

I decided to do more research on who had died in the house I moved into and found that he was 21 years old when he killed himself on the 21st. 21 has always proven itself to be unlucky for me. My sister's ex boyfriend got in a horrible car accident on the 21st of July and I was the one to find him laying unconscious and bleeding out under a tree. I was 18 at the time but he was 21. I was sitting outside on my front steps and heard a car crash through the woods in my backyard (I was having a smoke at 3 am and just so happened to step outside at the exact time he got into accident, not knowing at the time who was in the car I heard crash). While he was on life support in the ICU his doctors told me that I saved his life and that if I had not heard the accident, driven to the scene and called 911, he would have "expired" in ten minutes time. A year later my sister had a heroin overdose mixed with alcohol on the 21st of June and her doctors say it's a miracle to them that she's alive; that they've seen grown men come in with much less heroin and alcohol in their systems than her who saw no chance of living, but somehow miraculously she did (she was 19 and thin as a twig at the time). That day something came over me at work and I just for some reason felt nervous for my sister- we are twins and were very close growing up. I called my mom only to discover what had happened just ten minutes prior, on the 21st. I also found in this kids obituary that not only did he die on 9/21 like my father, but that he also had a brother who died on 2/21/07, the same exact date my closest aunt died of a stroke she had outside which led her to freeze to death. Again, on the 21st. My brother Tyler was admitted to a mental hospital for his schizophrenia on January 21st of this past year. Also, my mom just recently discovered that my uncle (her little brother who passed away when he was 4 and her 5) had died sometime in September- the exact date is unknown as both her parents are deceased and his grave does not specify a date of death- but someone working at the cemetary he is buried at was able to tell her his burial was on the morning of September 21. Then, just months ago, I received tragic news that the friend of mine who had posted the facebook status, Jack, had died himself. He didn't die on the 21st, but that was the date when I discovered the news of his death.

Now to finish my story...

I returned to my house at school at the beginning of the fall semester, only to take a medical leave of absense and withdraw from my classes just a few weeks in. I was battling terrible cyclic vomiting syndrome, unexplained kidney stones, crazy weight loss and irritability, sudden major anemia, and undiagnosed skin lesions that were painful and so slow healing that I am still waiting for them to clear up, months and months later after having seen multiple doctors and dermatologists

Anyways, after being forced to withdraw from the semester and leaving my house at UMass to return home with my mom I immediately gained back some weight and saw a huge improvement in my health and mood. I guess now I'm just looking for some answers to these questions...

Why did my mom hear me puking?

Why did I puke black a few days later, only to never puke black again?

Why is the date the 21st / the # 21 so unlucky and significant in my life?

Why did I get sick after moving into the house, then see improvements in my health after leaving?

How come my friend who knew the kid who killed himself in my house later die too?

Why did I move into a house where someone that year had died the same way, day, time, and place of the house as my father without even knowing it?

I am 21 now, I turned 21 in February which is the same month I returned to school this year for the spring semester (on 2/1, actually). Only this time around I met a really great guy who understood my anxiety about living in the house again. I ultimately moved in with him and used my room in my original house more for storage than anything else. I would sometimes go there to shower or grab clothes / do laundry, but I basically was there only a handful of brief times this semester. Nothing too creepy ever happened during those times other than faint noises and unexplained missing items that would disappear just five minutes after being placed somewgere when I was certain I didn't misplace or move them myself.

Sorry for how long this post is but there are actually some details and facts that I'm leaving out for the sake of not typing more than I already have. Any insight or advice into what I have experienced is greatly appreciated!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-15)
Your symptoms sound like a spirit attachment.

There are a few ways to eliminate this situation. If it has been with you a few months it is easier to release it.

If you look up my User name I list some reasons to why disparate souls are still here. It helps eliminate the fear.

On a personal level I deal with them one to one. To help them cross over. Occasionally I have run into some who do not.
But I still aim to help them by sending healing.

This one with you I sense can cross over.
If you can take yourself out of the picture by allowing your self to sense his pain and thoughts. Before starting if you use angels ask for Michael and Raphael to help and protect you with love and wisdom. You can use sage to clear the home start from upstairs, clear each room. Start from left to right. All windows should be open before starting and kept open for an hour or more once finished. This should also be the outside after if there is a yard. Ask for a family soul to cross over and help him. It can be family or friend or an angelic being.
By sending thoughts/visualization of a column of light or a bridge which can be unconditional love/peace.
You have to close everything down at the end.

Salt on window seals can help.

Any questions keep asking. There are enough people who can supporting you.

If you wish a healer to work on you. You need someone who does extractions like a crystals. Or shamanic all-out be aware people who say they are trained do not do that. You have to question them?
Victoria1893 (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-14)
Hi there.
First off I want to cover the suicide part. People that suicide have their will broken and are possessed, it's not them doing it. They may think it's them but they are being possessed. When the body dies, the creature has to come out of it and lives in the place it happened.
An easy way to tell between ghost and demon is ghosts can only be seen and maybe speak to people. If there are things moving, weird noises, electronics going off and on, sudden move swings, health issues, nightmares, waking up with bruises or scars, hearing or seeing things that aren't there physically or that others don't see them (schizophrenia) then it's a demon. A human soul is limited, it doesn't have the power/energy to pull off that much activity and why would it?

People throw up black stuff (been there done that trust me) because of a demon in them or trying to get in them. All your health issues are because of the exposure to it and when you got away it started getting better. But it's true that if it wants it can attach to someone and follow them around feeding off of them as it'd do if you were there.

We all pretty much know there's no such thing as coincidences. All the bad stuff in your life:your dad suiciding, your sister recovered for overdose, your brother in for schizophrenia, this house, your friend dying, etc and the recurring number 21 makes me think of a curse being placed upon you.

Hope I answered pretty much all you questions.
If you want to talk deeper into this, want help or guidance feel free to email me at

vicki.l1893 [at]
Crystalgal (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-14)
Well, my mom didn't actually hear the same thing so I shouldn't have said that. What I meant to say is that she experienced the same thing, having heard something that didn't actually occur.
Crystalgal (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-14)
Thanks Closias! I do agree that what I have experienced is pretty crazy. What you said about me hearing my roomate pleading for her life only for it to not actually be true, and then relating that to a spirit that may have attached itself to me and caused my mom to hear the same thing in my house makes a lot of sense to me. Perhaps that attachment had something to do with the itch / rash I experienced the next day? Thanks again for responding
Closias (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-13)
First of all, I just want to let you know how crazy this story is. The craziest one I have heard on this site so far.

To answer your first question of how your mom heard you puking, remember how you said you heard your roommate begging for her life only for it not to be true? After coming into contact with your mom, the "spirit" may have followed you and caused the same experience to happen to your mom, causing her to here noise upstairs and the "puking" noise.

In addition, I believe the whole reason your health deteriorated is due to the "spirit" (the young man that commit suicide) harming you. Because all of the bad things occurred only when you were in that home, then ended when you finally moved out. Which may also explain the black puke.

As for the other questions, I cannot help explain anything else, especially the significance with the number 21.
I hope I helped you a bit and you have my condolences for everything you have been through! Good luck with school! 😁

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