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Subtle Experiences Of The Other World?


I don't consider myself to be a psychic in anyway. When I was a child I always felt separate from the real world, I questioned the material, particularly walls. I found it difficult to understand why I couldn't put my hand through them, I always sensed another world out of reach. Over the years unusual yet subtle things occurred, such as things turning the other way when no one had being near them. Items going missing only to turn up in a completely random place. Glasses that would sound like something was tapping on them and then when I was absent, breaking into the tiniest pieces.

There were also times I had seen my mum do something before she actually did it minutes later. As a child and leading up until I was 16 I had times where I would suddenly fall asleep and wake up not being able to move my body. About 8 years ago I saw what I assumed to be a ghost. A grey sallow old woman's face peering at me through the bars of the stairway. A couple of years later, while in my childhood home, I saw the reflection of a small shadow, looked like what I always thought it as a sprite, about 3 foot tall. The interesting thing is my family dog has disappeared at this time, and was found moments later cowering in a corner behind the sofa.

The most recent event happened today. I was sat in my garden at my own property (not childhood home) and I saw the face of a women crying with her eyes looking left. When I came into the house I looked at where this woman may have been directing her gaze and it was in the direction of a photo of my late Aunt. There are many other small occurrences that have happened over the course of my life, I get de-ja vu on occasion, usually in the form of remembering a dream I have had about a place years previous to visiting. I am 34 now. As much as I try to debunk what I've experienced I cannot. When I am not myself and throwing myself into life and its many forced social activities I rarely experience much. Yet when I am at my most content and balanced in life I see things. Messages everywhere.

I have no mental health problems. I have always felt a connection to something but dismiss it as much as I can because I second guess myself and question whether it is all in my head. I guess despite everything I am still a bit skeptical, but there are no reasonable explanations. If I allow myself to feel, this otherworld is there as it always felt as a child. I'm confused, but I feel I need guidance. I've never reported any of these experiences like this before.

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-03)

I read your post

And I wanted to say, Yeah you probable should seek guidance (from whoever your comterble with pastor, or Freind)

I have abilities as well and did not have guidance, I embraced it it seems at a younger age than you though in my early 20's

And though it worked well for me as it taught me to listen to myself my own intuition my own instinks and to trust myself. It was what was best for me in the long run, though it though would have been nice to have guidance from time to time. More so really i'm saying would have beg nice to have a a Freind who had the same gifts and could have reassured me they could feel what I felt to (then again I've been blessed to have confermasion, maybe you should just dive in and go for it maybe God/ universe will give you confirmation as they have done for me when I embraced my gifts)

Best of luck to you 😊

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