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I Think I Am A Medium


A pretty young medium, too.

I have had a fear of the dark for Lord knows how long. I've been closing my closets in fear of seeing a ghost or maybe even two eyes looking at me.

I mean, once, I saw my room door open (though I highly doubt that was a ghost. I can post the story of that relating to telekinesis.)

However, after one day, I think I realized I may be a medium.

I can sense spirits. I can. I can feel them. If I walk into a room, I can feel a cold breeze go through me, or even a feeling like I'm being watched. I have had this for so long. Sometimes, I think of it as a curse--nobody would think of me as someone who can sense spirits. I tend to always be happy!

Along with that, as a child, I have had reoccurring dreams. That is one of the signs that you are a medium, apparently. (I did research on it.) It stopped a bit later in my life, but I was wondering if others have felt the same way.

I also have been experiencing Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance. Those three have stuck with me all my life. I've been confused. But maybe you guys can help me. I'm sure there's another young Medium out there who is experiencing the same thing as me!

I am new to this all, even though I've had it all my life. I've just been paying attention to it now, since this has been going completely out of control. If I have a way to control any of this, please tell me how. I don't want anybody (who I know iRL) to know ANY of this, because I know they won't believe me.

Have a good day.

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CMTP (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-17)
Hi!I'm 15 years old and I'm also stuck with those abilities. I know how you'll feel and me too,I'm still trying to drop my fears and find the way to control them. You know, we (who had these abilities) have to learn how to control them as they are not supposed to turn on all the time. You should pay more attention to your spiritual guides and connect them. And I suppose meditation will help you to connect with them and to develop your mediumship.
I hope it helped you!

Meet_the_quota (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-13)
I'm not sure of your age, but I am almost certain that I'm older than you. I have had some similar experiences and feelings. I am terrified of the paranormal, but I continue to have experiences that suggest that I am a medium.
I have had the recurring dreams as a child (as well as an incident with levitation, which scared the crap outta me), I have seen and felt spirits, had premonitions, blown light bulbs, heard voices, I could go on and on...
I didn't ask for this, but I might as well get used to it because it seems to have chosen me.
So just to let you know, you are not alone. Even though I'm an adult, I seem to be on par with you in this regard.
I wish you luck and as lauterb suggested, be safe!
lauterb (110 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-13)
Dear still-looking

Yes you are a medium but before you go practice your mediumship I suggest you to study a lot about.

Take the following example prior to drive a car you have to learn all signs, study how to behave in traffic, after you master the theory you have assisted lesson with instructor, made an examination after several hours of practice and at the end you get your driver license. Here is more than the same process...

You know what happens when a kid get that a car and start driving around without proper training, it is dangerous and here is even more dangerous!

You are already facing problems related to your mediumship.

Pse pay attention on below quotes/questions from The Mediums Book by Alan Kardec:

6. Is it imprudent to develop the medianimic faculty in children?
"It is not only imprudent, but very dangerous to do so: for the frail and delicate
Organisation of childhood would be too much shaken, and the youthful imagination too
Much excited, by such attempts; parents should therefore keep these ideas from their
Children, or, at least, should only speak of them in reference to their moral aspect."
7. Yet there are children who are mediums by nature, not only for physical
Manifestations, but also for writing and for visions; is there danger for such as these?
"No; where a child's faculty is spontaneous, it belongs to his temperament, and
His constitution is prepared for its exercise; it is a very different thing when you attempt
To develop medianimity artificially, and thus subject the child's nervous system to overexcitement.
It is also to be remarked that a child who is naturally subject to visions is
Generally but little impressed by them; they appear so natural to such a child, that he
Pays but little heed to them and easily forgets them; and in after-years, if these visions
Recur to his memory, he is not apt to be painfully affected by the remembrance of
8. At what age may we attempt to develop the faculty of medianimity without
"There is no rule in regard to age; it depends partly on the physical, and still
More on the moral, development of the individual; there are children of; say, a dozen
Years of age, who would be less affected by the attempt than many grown persons. I am now speaking of medianimity in general; but physical medianimity is that which is most
Likely to cause fatigue to the organism. Writing, however, in the case of a child, has
Another danger, owing to his inexperience, viz., the mischief which might result to his
Health, if he took to writing when alone, and should thus make an amusement of it."

I strongly suggest you to study these 2 books:


Good study

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