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Able To Feel What Others Feel


I've been different since I can remember lots of things have happened to me while growing up that are undeniable; but since I turned 17 I've been able to feel what others feel. It continues to get stronger, and for a while it threw me into a depression, I couldn't figure out why I felt all these emotions or the over whelming feeling that I could sense things that weren't there physically. I've recently discovered I can make others calm just by what I can only describe as pushing on them.

I don't have to touch them, and I feel cold when I do it, like my skin is numb. One time just to see what I could do when I really try a friend asked me to show her; she got weak, and said that she just felt dizzy, like she could not breathe. I'm frightened by myself, am I just going crazy or is this real? I wanted to think she was faking, I find I'm always arguing with myself, how is it possible for me to feel their emotions? The only way to describe it is like there is a little jelly orb for each person and when they feel something strongly it's like a spike shoots from that orb.

I can also sense pretty well when someone is being untrue or when they are thinking something other than what their saying. I'm constantly telling myself that I'm imagining all of this, but 20 years of memories can't be wrong right? I've tried looking for guidance, but all I've found are fake psychics and tarot card readers, I need someone who can tell me what's going on and what I should do. I need Guidance, if anyone has been going through this and has figured out what is going on or knows what I'm going through, please, anything is helpful.

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FairiesFlight (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
Rage_is_Bliss ~ Being able to feel others feelings is part of Empathy. And yes it can cause depression, until you can find a way to only let in others feelings in when you want them to come in. Put up a shield or barrier around yourself and only open it as much as you want when you want to feel those feelings.

You do need to be careful with the energy of giving or taking away. That does like a second ability. If you take away too much... Well be careful.

Tarot card readers... There are some true ones out there, but you will never find one on the internet, those I believe are all fake. They just take what you tell them and tell you what you want to here. Trust you ability to inform you when you approach one to fell if they are true or not.

You are most likely NOT imagining this. More and more people with abilities are starting to emerge due to the energy shifts we have been having. Soon finding someone without an ability will be rare.

Best wishes, and let light love and peace be with you always.
Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-26)
Wow that is very interesting. From what I am reading, you seem to have the ability to absorb and take away energy? Be very careful. It's kind of like if you say one thing it will happen. You can master it my thinking positive. Negative thoughts, feelings or anything negative will attract the bad and evil spirits. They feed off negative energy and be strong willed because evil spirits will prey on weaknesses. Believe in yourself and have faith. Use it for good not evil.

Be careful on who you chose to see a psychic and tarot card readers. Technically, I don't believe in card readings. You get a lot of fakes out there and card reading are not always accurate. Don't see a lot of psychics or card readers because they can take some of your powers, do something bad to you, or take your good luck away from you. That will make you spiritually crazy to a point where you can't sit still or the opposite where you always think negative, argue with people, and etc...

If you want guidance, first acknowledge that you have this gift. I myself is still trying to master my ability. My ability is, I would not say rare but unique. I can see the past, present, and future, Heal the sick, time travel, astral project, readings, and etc... I have attracted so many spirits because when you see or sense spirits, you are a bright light to them. You will attract good and bad ones. Ask for protection. I've always have angels around me constantly. They are my angels, protectors, guiders, and educators.

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