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I Think My Sensitive Abilities Are Being Passed To My Kids


I have always been told I was crazy. Since I was small, I was told the things I felt and seen were imaginary. And they haven't always been positive energy. Some has been bad, really bad. But I knew that I couldn't control what was going to come my way, and I knew they were real. I see everything from orbs, shapes, shadows, and actual spirits. When I can't see them, I can feel them. Somehow their energy is transferred to me and I can feel everything that they once felt. I know their age, what happened to them, and what they look like. When me and my now husband first got together, his childhood home was extremely active. There was more than one spirit around. I would see them, talk to them and then I would tell him about them. He never once doubted me. And when part of his house was tore down, there were news articles from the early 1900s proving exactly what I had told him with pictures of the people who were now just spirits. This has went on my whole life, story after story I could tell you. But now its not me I have questions about, its about my kids. My son is 5 and my daughter 4 and they have been seeing many different things. Earlier tonight my son said he saw a white spider. He said it had 3 white looking balls for a stomach, pointy spider legs, a pointy nose, and a stinger coming from its belly. He said it was just floating around in the air and he felt like it was going to hurt him. He was throwing things at it trying to kill it. My daughter looked up and said the exact same thing when she came into the room. And she could not have heard him say it the first time so I know they both saw it. For some reason I couldn't see it, I could feel it though. This has happened on many occasions. Them seeing some things I can't. But they explain it as being different shapes rather than an actual figure. Is this common in children? Could they be seeing orbs that make shapes? I hope they have an easier transitioning period than I did. At least they have me to believe and understand them through all of it.

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Dazzan (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-16)
Yes your children have your abilities. We pass it on to all our offsprings. Dont interpret what they see but let them feel the answer. It will come to them like second nature.

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