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Why Do I Generate Energy Between My Shoulder Blades?


It's like the spine tingling sensation everyone knows, yet I feel it between my shoulder blades at the top of my spine, it never goes up my spine. It's always at the top of my spine.

I can generate this powerful energy at will, yet I find it difficult to let it flow throughout the rest of my body.

I have considered a blocked Chakra, but I'm not sure which one. I find it uncomfortable to generate this energy, because it stays in one place.

It's been this way my entire life. It sometimes feels like a chill at my spine. I would associate it with fear as a child, and never liked sleeping on my stomach because I felt this spine tingle between my shoulder blades.

I sometimes get restless, and I'm almost sure it's because of the chill up my spine.

What Chakra is blocked? Obviously the spine tingle generator chakra is fine. But which chakra prevents the energy from flowing? I sometimes feel it coming on, and try moving it, but my upper back gets tired after a while.

Can anyone give me some advice? I am an empath. Just discovered it about two years ago. I've always known I could be extremely powerful, yet I've always felt stuck. Things are finally getting better financially. So I'm on the right track, which is why I just thought about my spine chills.

Please give me some insight and suggestions. If I could move this energy or generate it elsewhere, I would feel free!

This is something I've never thought of talking about because I've always kept to myself. I no longer communicate with the spirit world, and also wonder if there might be a connection.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-13)
If you dream and get the dejivu and some dreams are prophetic to tell of future. And if your open to others. Can go forward.
You re saying your heart chakra is open.
The spine as you know connects chakras. Inside the spine is the dental nervous system is wrapped inside the spine.

An open throat chakra is communication. It is also an open of connection to our guides.
Some folk can experience a vibration.

So just from the description sounds like the Throat chakra is closed. The throat not only connects to the heart but to the third eye.

There are a few things one can use. Samadhi, meditation and rotations of red, blue, white energy around the spine.
The whole aim must be to walk in silence and surrender.
Exploring silencing and carrying is just sittingVin silence for long period of times bring join of truth and spirit which helps us to be clear and whole. So once our subconscious is open it is a clear channel to process the truth and revelations that come with knowledge and light.

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