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My Tarot Scare


Approximately 13 years ago, my father sent me a pack of Rider Waite Tarot cards. His instructions were to take the cards out of the box when I received them, and to keep them on hand at all times. He said even when I slept, to keep them in my shoes, or under my mattress. I did what he said to do. As soon as I got the cards, I immediately became "addicted" to them. I just kept practicing and practicing with people and was impressed with myself when I started becoming very accurate with my readings. After a few weeks, I noticed that I was not just looking at a card reading anymore. It was like I was able to look completely inside of a person's life and mind with each reading. This started to scare me because I felt like maybe I had opened a door that I shouldn't have. As time went on, I began to have horrible dreams, and I mean horrible and scary. There were even things that happened when I knew that I wasn't asleep. For instance, I had just laid down to go to bed one night and my phone was ringing. I laid in bed knowing that the answering machine would pick it up. While laying on my bed, I could hear a high pitched screechy woman's voice on my answering machine saying " I'm going to kill your kids." I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to my answering machine in the next room. The light was blinking that I had a new message, so I pushed the play button and there was no one on the machine. I felt every hair on my body stand straight up. This was when caller id was rather new, and I didn't have it at the time. There were times that I would walk into my home and feel a sense of dread and evil all around me. I mean the feeling would totally envelop me. At those times, I knew that I wasn't alone in my home. These types of experiences went on for weeks, and finally I decided to do away with the tarot cards. I didn't want to burn them, so I threw them in the river. I wanted nothing more to do with these. Within a couple of days, all bad dreams, bad experiences, bad feelings just went away. It's really hard for me to talk about this, even now, because I am afraid that even opening up this past in my mind will open the door up again. I have been sensitive to spirits, good and evil energies, my whole life. I have had issues with sleep paralysis several times. Also in 1994, I had moved into a house with a friend of mine, and immediately was attacked by an unsettled spirit who tried to choke me while I slept. When I opened my eyes I could actually see the arm of the entity coming up around the corner of the couch with its hands around my throat, but I couldn't move, speak, scream, nothing. Finally, it went away, and my friend thought I was crazy. Until, a week later, it started to torment her. When I had finally had enough was when one night I went into my children's rooms to check on their sleeping, and they were both asleep, but shaking violently in their beds, like they were having a seizure or something. I immediately grabbed them up out of their beds and went to my mothers. I called a preacher in town, as well as a Psychic who was well known in the community. All I had told her was my name. Nothing about where I lived or anything else. She proceeded to tell me that I lived close to an old jailhouse, which I did, which was used in the late 1800's. She told me that a man was incarcerated there during that time for being a peeping tom. She then told me that the townsmen had taken this man out of this one man jail cell in the middle of the night and killed him, and that I must remind him of someone that he used to stalk before he was killed. She told me firmly that I must leave the house. The next day, I had a friend help me move all of my things out of the house. Let me also add that the psychic told me there was a picture in my house that the entity was harboring around and attracted to. I figured out pretty quick that it was a picture in my living room of a clown sitting on a stool in front of broken mirrors. People I am not kidding you a bit when I tell you that I had this picture for years, and never noticed until that time that the mirrors were broken with distorted faces in the cracks of the mirror. I knew immediately that this was what she was talking about. While moving, I threw this picture down into the old cellar basement in the house that I was moving from. The next day I was informed by the landlord of that house, that after I moved, the same day, that every pipe in the basement of that house burst. So just when you think this is the end, it is not. Three years later, I started dating a man who bought a very old historical hotel in the same town. After work one day, I went to this hotel to see him and was very tired. He offered for me to go into the main bedroom downstairs and take a nap. I went into the bedroom and laid down, rolled over on the bed, and up on the wall was that same picture! I had never seen another picture like it, for the years that I had it. I yelled for him and asked him where he had gotten it. He said that earlier that day, a peddler, so to speak, came to the door needing some money and asked if he wanted to buy anything out of his cart. The man picked up the picture and told my friend that he could have it for a dollar. I am telling you that there was not one water stain or anything on this picture! The picture went with the trashman the same night! I guess what I am trying to say is, I see many thread's with people asking if playing with Tarot cards or Ouija boards is safe. What I can tell you is that some of us are very sensitive to energies. Those of us who are, are always at risk of opening doors that shouldn't be opened. Most people who open these doors will have bad experiences because once an unsettled spirit knows that the door has been opened, they will play with you, and know that they are scaring you. The more fear that they sense, they more they will play. Just be careful. I would also like to add that those of us who are believers in the spirit world, are the ones most likely to be affected with the sensitivity. I have not spoken of my experiences for a few years now, but I know there are other out there who are just like me, who know that they are sensitive to other energies, who will always embrace our gift, but at the time just want to be left alone. I hope that my story may help even one person realize that they are not crazy if they have had any experiences such as I. You are not alone. Take care everyone, and if anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer

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Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-20)
kmba43787... Very good story and you are right on the mark that is how a lot of people... Get in trouble... If the picture shows up again soak it in holy water until it disolves...
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-20)
By placing Tarot in shoes represent what affects our daily life as well as our grounding and how we walking in life.
Tarot under Pillow deals our mind and subconscious.
So by enacting both areas was an unconscious surrender
To open areas aligned to the physical, spiritual and etheric.

The immersion created opening too quickly, no utilization of protection. Constant submersion without ground actually cracked your Aura.
This created an alignment of your 3rd eye with Etheric plane.

You are right sensitive people do get visits
From discarnate souls as the man choking you.
Prisons are a hot spot for discarnate souls.

As a Parent your energy is like an
Umbrella and protects children since you are the head of the household. The fact that the bed was shaking showed the discarnate woman affecting them physically.
The woman screaming on the phone showed,
Two things she is haunting and she is angry at the point of her death.
Constant activity from discarnate souls affects people's health and brings depression.
As, you visualized children appeared as if seizing bed shaking.

The same picture of clown with broken mirror 2 times showing up is the universe showing cracks of your aura and etheric.

The other poster mentioned burying this picture.
So if the picture shows up burying can also help with
Dissolves ties and heals.

There are things you can do do resolve this.
Getting healing for your self or having someone
Close the etheric bit.
I can tell you how but its a long email.

Your story is so similar to my sister in law.

Thanks for your story.
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-10-20)

The moment you talked about the poster just sent chills up my spine. Something about that picture reeks of strong energy. Eagleclaw does have a point, it could be a portal or possible residence of the home of the spirit that has been following you. I am not so sure if burning it will solve the problem. I personally think burning it will leave the portal open forever unless someone who knows how to close it completely. I remember hearing about burying it in the ground and doing a blessing or cleansing is one way.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-19)
I too was given a tarot deck as a present from a relative. I've just never had the time to get around to them. But, they are still in a safe place never used. So, let me just say that as we become more open to the spiritual side we become more attractive to spiritual entities. Especially if we are not trained in protective techniques first. And, let's face it. Some things that we see and experience are very frightful but we learn from them in time. You will be a stronger person for it. It seems to me that this picture is a portal for this spirit. You need to burn it if you really want it gone. You need to do that with all things connected to spirit if you want to get rid of something. It's the only way. I've realized that you have been through a lot but you have also become a stronger person for it too. And, I'm glad that you have learned that spirits are attracted to fear. The more fear the more spirit comes. Now, the entity that tried to choke you has to be dealt with. You need to tell it to leave you and your familly alone. If it attacks, mentally kick him off of you or mentally get a sword and stab him. He/it will not bother you after that. Rule # 1 Always learn how to protect yourself and loved ones whenever dealing with spirits or learning abilities. Hope this helps.

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