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My Friend's Death And Premonitions


A few months ago I was at a bar and ran into an old friend from high school that I hadn't seen in years. My best friend from high school Jason had a crush on her and still talked about her sometimes. The day after talking to her I sent her a Facebook message telling her that I wasn't trying to hit on her because I knew she had a boyfriend. She then said they had broken up a few weeks ago. I went on to say I was sorry to hear about that because they had dated since high school. I asked her about a mutual friend David and she told me he was going through a tough time and someone close to him had passed. I went on to say that that was weird and the night I ran into her I had talked to a few other people going through loss. I told her I had never lost anyone close and felt as though I was about to.

Two weeks later I wake up and remember my dream vividly. It was about a woman standing in line in front of me at a bus station and she had a tan patent leather Louis Vuiton purse sitting on the counter. She then walks away from it and someone tries to take it and I tell them she was my girlfriend and run and take it to her.

I laid there thinking about the dream and then get ready to start my day. I leave the house and head to the bank to cash a check and when I arrive at the bank there is a lady at the counter with a tan patent leather Louis Vuiton bag. And the chances of that are? NONE! I had never even seen such a purse. Of course I'm freaking out and want to scream through the bank. I just stand there trying to figure out what's going to happen. I'm thinking this is a sign and the banks going to get robbed or this poor ladies not going to make it through the day. She turns away and leaves the purse to chase her son and then I really freak out because she left her purse in my dream. When all is said and done and she leaves the guy behind me laughs. I just look back and ask if he knows her. He says "no but those kids were cute." I tell him about the dream which I'm sure freaked the whole bank out, but I couldn't keep it inside. I continue with my business and leave. I call a few people when I get to the truck and tell them about the dream cause I m freaking out. Then I get a call from my friend Jen, Jason's sister. "Jason's dead..." I'm like what? Is this a joke? He had hung himself in jail. He just got caught the day before stealing and then tried to break out of jail. I also had told his brother when he went to see him to tell someone he wasn't right in the head and he needed help. I even brought up suicide and he had never mentioned that to me before. Needless to say his brother couldn't make it before he was transferred to another facility.

Now I don't know what this dream had to do with anything but it got me ready for something even weirder that was going to happen. His death. This was all no coincidence. I was a non believer in such things and didn't even believe in God until now. There's a greater power at work sometimes and It helped me to get ready for something big.

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