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I Scare People Unintentionally


I'm new to this site, but I would like to know what's happening.

For a few years now, I've been really sensitive about some things.

On a certain day in February, every year for a long time, I would break down sobbing, and be angsty all day. I asked my parents about it two years ago, and it turns out that that was the day that my brother died. My mother had a miscarraige four years before I was born. I feel no attachment or grief towards John (the name my parents had been planning on naming him with) except on this day in February.

In a slightly different situation, I feel people moving through my house. I just know where my parents and occasionally three sisters are, and have an idea of what they're doing, even if they're silent in doing it.

For instance, I draw a lot. I make a little nest in a room (never my own room, for some reason), put on headphones and play some bass - really loud bass. I also face away from any entrances to the room. I then immerse myself in my drawings; always angels, devils, unnatural beings of some form or another. If someone were to enter the room, it would be, theoretically, impossible for me to know they had. Yet I still feel them there and I turn around, scaring the bajeezus out of them. Consequently, people attempting to sneak up on me anywhere, be it in school, at home or otherwise, will fail miserably. It's like I feel the energy shift or something. Actually the best way to describe it would be that I "sense a disturbance in the Force". Bit weird, but fellow geeks will understand.

It doesn't bother me that I know everything that's happening in the house; I often joke to my best friend (she knows everything) that if we ever got burgled or attacked or anything, I would be standing by the front door with a light saber, ready and waiting.

I would simply like to know if anyone else feels this; and since my brother never technically lived, I couldn't be feeling a past life or anything - so what, then? And is there a way I could develop my "powers" to do more than scare people?

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WildStorm18 (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
With your brother, just because he didn't have a physical body doesn't mean he doesn't have an astral body. Maybe, due to your connection with him on that day, you can sense him more clearly even if you don't know about it.
That would also be an astral sense, sight or feeling to be more specific. You subconsciously see them approach or feel them.

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