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I See And Hear Thing And I'm Being Watched


You can call me Angel. I'm 14 and I really feel lost I've been hearing or seeing things people don't. I'd hear people talking to me even though there is nobody there and if someone is near me and I ask them they say they don't hear anything. When I'm alone I feel like I'm being watched it happens mostly at night and I just want to cry or yell. I try to ignore it and it stops for awhile but it just starts again, I also have dreams or you can call them nightmares: usually I don't remember my dreams at all but when I do they are very vivid nightmares and when I wake up I see something standing by my bed looking at me but its mostly like a shadow. When I am at school (which is said to be haunted) I would hear someone singing but every time I ask they tell me no there's no singing. I already told my parents about that and they just think I'm making all this up and even if I tell no I'm not they wouldn't believe me. The only people who trust my word are my best friend and my cousin because they've both saw me one night when we were having a sleep-over and I went to the kitchen alone I heard footsteps and then felt someone watching me so I froze and started crying and when they found me like that they were sure I wasn't faking it.

I'm really afraid of this and if I'm not insane an you've felt something like this would you mind giving me an advice to control those 'abilities'? And am I in danger of those things I hear or see and what is this feeling that I have of constantly being watched? Thank you.

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Berellic (54 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-26)
I agree with allinbetween when it comes to negative spirits, although to extend on his view of the situation; from my experience Shadows are always seen as demons to me. The way I see the situation is that you have demonic activity going on around you. Demons use fear as a tactic, (for I claim them as "Scare Tactics"), to feed off your energy. Fear makes demons stronger. Now for you to be going through this and able to sense that something is watching you, hearing voices, and seeing things - all means that you are important enough to try and be stopped from whatever they know about you. Now what I mean by "Important" is that there is something about you Spiritually that you might not even know about yet and the only way to find that out/understand it is to continue a spiritual path. With all this negativity that surrounds you - it has to be taken care of immediately or else it will get worse. My options for you are: do some Heavy research to fgure out how to protect yourself from demons, email me for help on this (I will gladly do so), or you can ask these people on this website that know how to help others with things like this ( You can also choose all if you want.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
hello Angel!
You are not in danger.:) Being able to hear those sounds is called clairaudience. Here's a link for an overview of that ability:

Seeing spirits can be very scary, depending on your personality, and your knowledge about them. Ghosts can't harm you. Many ghosts can't even see you and aren't aware that you can see them. Worst case scenario what you see is a malevolent spirit that tries to scare you on purpose. You can use your beliefs/religious prayers to guard yourself from negative spirits and ask to be shielded.

It's easier to block things out than it is to see or hear them. Where evil spirits go, (you can usually recognize them because they have a strong bothersome energy) understanding their motives will help you block them out. Their interest is not against your physical body, they function on a spirit basis and the purpose is to break you spiritually. Like all people, you are endowed with abilities (intellectual, physical, psychic, etc.) but for you to develop to your highest potential in this lifetime, you'll need focus, confidence, happiness, etc. Negative energy works to put up blockages in your life, and fear serves this plan. Some people catch the fear blockage through paranormal things while others are affected through regular every day happenings. If you become scared 24/7, if you think you're going nuts, if you alienate from others because "they don't understand", etc. Fear wins. Before you know it you can't sleep, can't concentrate on your studies, are distracted, feel alone, won't trust your psychic experiences, and you might not advance the gifts that you, as a unique individual, can offer to the world. The more you strengthen your self and refuse to play the fear game, these types of spirits will leave.

Negative energy is not the only one out there. Sometimes good energy allows these scary experiences, so we can learn things. These lessons might benefit you and others decades down the road. So whatever happens in your life, trust that there is positive guidance and protection at work also.:)

Feeling watched is annoying but it's an opportunity to face the fear. When you feel this, look in that direction, to see if anything is there. Every time you feel watched is a chance to challenge the fear or the "intruder" either by ignoring it or facing it and teaching yourself that you refuse to be its puppet.

I really understand it's scary. I had experiences like that when I was young and kept them secret for a long time. Even when I became an adult I was scared of certain places and situations. Later I talked to other psychics and realized how negative consequences fear had caused in our lives. It took me very long to find information, to receive spiritual answers, and I hope that you and all other young people, will be able to block out the negativity and live positive, beautiful lives. I wish you enjoyable days & restful nights. Cheers. 😊
WildStorm18 (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
I don't think you can really control it, like sight, it's a passive ability. For the dreams, keep a journal by your bed and write whatever you can remember. You could also put a trail of salt at the door but that's pretty messy. Salt stops or hinders most paranormal things.
AngelPiercent (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
WildStorm18 don't you know a way for me to control this please because if you have similar issues then you know how much it's disturbing, thank you now I'm less scared of being harmed 😊
WildStorm18 (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-24)
I have similar issues but I really don't think they mean you harm because there were probably lots of times they could've. Like you are attracted to people who notice you, they would do the same.

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