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The Two Voices


It started in the middle of the second semester. I've been hearing two voices. One male, the other female. They usually just say my name, or the girl sings. I can't make out what they're saying except for my name. I usually hear the girl's voice at home and on my way to school. I hear the male's voice at school and on my way home. I've heard them in public but my friends don't seem to notice.

The first time I heard her voice it was in the morning, it was coming from the corner of my room. She was humming a a really unique tune that I wish I could remember but I forgot it as soon as it was over. Then I heard her again three times but it was coming from outside. The next day, I walked my dogs and across the road I saw a young girl. She was wearing a dress made of fallen leaves. Her was had highlights to match her dress. When I saw her, she just smiled at me. It was as if she was watching me for a long time. Then, she was gone.

The first time I heard him was when I was walking to school. He called my name while I was in the forest and it seemed to echo all around me even though it shouldn't have. Then, at school in gym, as I was putting supplies away I heard him shout my name. It was an angry shout, more like to get my attention. Nobody seemed to notice and they just continued cleaning up or leaving. I asked my friend if he heard my name or he called me but he said he didn't hear anything. I dropped the topic with him but I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was really loud mentally as well so shouldn't they have heard in there thoughts. Then I started seeing him. It was a while after though. First I saw a foot go down the just after me, step for step. Next I saw a grasp the the door knob of my class and close it after me. The same thing for every class after that. I was pretty nervous because it seemed as if they had watches set up. I haven't seen or heard them in a while and every now I pretend to talk to them as I walk but I don't know if they're there.

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WildStorm18 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-07)
Ive seen glimpses of the male now but it doesn't feel safe now. I only hear the girl a bit now as well.
allinbetween (56 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-25)
That's actually quite beautiful, especially the girl with the dress made out of leaves. Those 2 seem like friendly entities so far. I really like that you don't sound scared. 😊

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