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What Just Happened?


I am a simple quiet type of person. I am pretty much not into drama and if there is drama I prefer to stay to myself. That said, my wonderful hubby knows this and loves to get me all riled up at times.

This is one of those times that went a little bit different. He knew I was agitated and kept egging it on I had been worried about my family and things going on and him picking on me though amusing him was really getting to me. I was sitting at the kitchen table my favorite spot I was eating a salad and having a cup of coffee.

We had been fussing, really it was me, I had been fussing and he was more picking at me. As the night went on I kept telling him to leave me alone, let me be. Stop it. Don't bother me. The more I requested the more of course he picked. He thought it was funny. The agitation I could feel it building and my frustration level as well. Before I continue just a note my salad bowl is a plastic cereal bowl you get when you buy a box of cereal. You will soon see why I mention this.

At one point I felt I exhausted all my options on asking and hollering to be left alone, that I picked up my salad bowl and threw it. Not up in the air or directly at him. In fact not really hard I did not want to hurt I just wanted him to stop. When I threw the bowl it hit the carpeted floor and rolled toward the coffee table in front of him. Then something totally amazing happened we are both still shocked. As it neared his table within inches of it he began laughing at me. And as I snapped and said "I told you leave me alone" the bowl bolted straight up and over at least 5 inches and came straight down on top of a large candle holder about 4 inches in diameter very thick glass. It shattered the globe completely. He quietly got up and picked up the shattered glass and said calmly, "Yes, baby I understand very well you want to be left alone. Don't worry I will not bother you no more tonite."

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WildStorm18 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-24)
I find that slightly amusing as well as serious. It was probably an involuntary act of telekinesis due to your agitation

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