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Are All Families Like Mine?


Growing up as a child no one else in my family was quite like me. So I truly had no one I could relate to at times I still feel that way at times. So as an adult and a proud grandma things at our house can be different at times. See I found it came from my dad's side of the family whom I was never around. But amazingly my daughter and my grandchildren all are quite like me. I can say this with a smile. So, I am going to give you a little view what it is like at our house.

I am going to start with my daughter when she was about 2yrs old and realized she had inherited some of my traits. My daughter had beautiful long red hair fair skin and big blue blue eyes. And I had finished college and was working 2nd shift so her dad and her were at home while I worked. As a child she was the typed that had to be entertained she would not play alone at all. Her dad was watching tv is his comfy chair and tall glass of ice tea beside him. Our beautiful daughter came in got a drink of tea from her dad who asked her "What are you doing?" With big blue eyes and smile she says "I talking to the ghosts in my room." she skipped down the hall happily and went into her room. Where she remained for more than an hour which was quite odd for her. So dad got up and headed down the hallway and as he approached her room he heard more than one voice talking at the same time. He listened for a moment made out our daughters voice and at least two other people speaking as well. He later relayed this to me and I asked him well did you open the door and see who or what was going on. He said "Heck no no way I was going to open that door." I had to smile a little under my breath he had a few more instances he never got used to it. He tried to pretend it did not ever happen.

Next we have my oldest grandbaby looks so much like her mother when she was little. Around same age even as her mother. I had gone over to their house to visit and before my hand could touch the door knob I heard her running through the house "Mommy grandma is here! Mommy grandma is here!" She also could tell you when the phone was going to ring and if we knew the person who it was. Her dad experienced about the same experience as her grandpa had with her mother when she was her age.

Then we have grandbaby number two. She reminds me so much of my mom who she died when I was young. In fact she would grab any type of bag and make it her purse and put crayons inside it. She would pretend they were her cigarettes. That was so my mom she always had her purse and cigarettes with her. She would even say old sayings my mom used. We were in car going shopping and she looked over where a ditch on the side of the road was and said "There's a car and policeman and a lady in a pink car." We looked over and nothing was there. But on our way back home the road was blocked and traffic slow and as we passed we saw the pink car, the lady in it and the policeman. Me and my daughter just looked and in the back we heard "I told you mommy."

Grandbaby number three he is my little dynamo. A rough and tough little man all of 3yrs old. Me, his grandpa and him were walking up the road to meet his mom. As we got to the end of the road his grandpa plopped down on the ground to sit in shade and text our daughter to see where she was at. Our grandson nonchalantly pointed and said "Look grandpa there goes someone dead look." Grandpa looked up glad he did not see anything and said "Come on let's catch up with your grandma until your mom gets here." "Mommy here papaw look" as he turned here came his mom down the road in the van. If you are wondering who he saw it was a young friend of ours who had passed about a year before.

Yes there is a grandbaby number four. She is quite small and like the rest I do see signs of being like us. Things at our house can be quite different. I have put food in the microwave to cook and it stop and just be lazy and not get up and hear the microwave go beep beep beep and finish cooking on its own. My husband did not believe this until it happened to him. I feel I am very blessed and look forward to everyday with a smile.

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foxfire290 (6 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-09)
I thank you all for the beautiful comments, and advice. I do so understand how people are not receptive to know if something is going to happen to them. I feel all children are blessings. Vel I am sorry you went through that, so did I. My mother told me how she was afraid of me, so I learned to hide it as well. I feel blessed that I am here for my family to help them. I try to always protect them they are so innocent. My heart fills with joy when reading thank you so much for that letting me know I am not alone. Any and all comments are appreciated. 😁
RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-09)
you've got your hands full that's for certain. I need to mention for my sake that you will need to shelter these children and teach them that not all people are receptive to seeing spirits or knowing future events. There are still many people out there who fear this kind of ability and might even cause harm to those people whether it be physically or socially. Also you need to teach them about psychic shields to protect themselves against negative energy. My experience has taught me that my energy finds outside energy to read. This means that outside energy can find me and read me too. Without protection negative energy can attach itself to me and enter into my physical realm.

As a psychic I see only love, happiness and flowers in your story. Just please be careful.

Love and light... Always
vel (3 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-09)
That was a wonderful story foxfire.
Your family is fortunate to have someone there to understand and help them through having their gifts.

In my family I was the odd ball child. I always played alone and felt so isolated from my experiences and had no one to talk to about it.
When I was a little older I started to ask questions and tell people some of the things I would see and ended up going to shrinks for several years.
As it turned out, I believe the shrinks were the crazy ones. Lol

I learned to never tell what I saw and heard because I would be shunned or treated as if I were nuts.
It was a difficult life.

Finally blocking it all out or ignoring it was what I felt I had to do.
Until a couple of years ago it became prevalent in my life once more. I could no longer ignore it. I was getting visions all the time. Hearing things. Given messages to deliver.

And it all was stirred up when my mother became ill with lung cancer.
I was traveling back and forth caring for her and on one of my trips I had many visitors from the other side while in my mothers home and at my brothers home.

I was sad thinking of my mother one day laying in bed when a lady was standing by my bed just watching over me. I saw her in the screen of my computer. At first I thought it was my older sister, so I just closed my eyes, then opened them again and she was gone. I thought oh my, here we go again.
So I decided to go down stairs to ask my sister if there was something she wanted to talk about, and no one was home. I kept calling her name and my mothers name. Going room to room, went out side.
Then I called my sisters cell and asked her if she was standing by my bed about 20 minute ago?
She said no. She said that her and my mother had gone wig shopping and had been gone for hours.

A few days later I decided to go spend the night at my brother's house for a few days.
While I stayed at his house there was a old lady that would sit on my bed every night at 3:30 a.m. Every night. She let me know telepathically that someone very close to me would die on Aug 1st, which was four months down the road.
She also told me 2 to 3 more people in my family would die with in a 2 year period.
So I told my brother, and we both assumed that Aug. First my mother would pass since she was ill.

I later came back to Austin where I lived and resumed my daily schedule. I put all my visions and all behind me. Once again trying to ignore and not believe them.
Then on Aug first my brother called me and told me they found my nephew had took his own life that day. Bless his heart. The thought of loosing my mother, his grandma was more than he could take.
When I went there for his funeral I just stayed and ended up staying with my mother, never leaving her side.
Then 3 months later my uncle died of cancer. Which made a second person in a short time to leave us.

I decided to talk to my mother while I still had the chance. We talked about all the Ghost I would see when I grew up and the stories.
And I said, "mother do you ever see things like this?" "Do you have these things happen?"
And much to my surprise she told me she had "it" too, and so did her sister, my Aunt, and her mother.
I was like, gee all my life I thought I was crazy.
She smiled and said in her day you just did not talk about it. She said, "how do you think I always knew what you kids were up to?" lol Then she began to tell me stories of hers and her family.
It was great to have that time with my mother.
God I miss and love her.
She died a few months later.

So all that the old lady from the other side told me came to pass unfortunately.

After all that had happened my mothers sister, my aunt, we have now become very close and she is so knowledgeable and open and has really blessed my life with her experiences and been my guiding light on my spiritual path. She is absolutely beautiful.

I still get messages, but for the life of me I wonder why I get messages like I do.
I am not complaining for I feel it is a gift and one day I will be using it for something very special to help others.

I guess this "gift" is something passed to the women in my family. For I had been given a message that my daughter would possess these gifts and be the most gifted thus far in my family.

My daughter told me a few months ago that she is having visions and I am there for her to help her through it and help her any way I can.

This was a very personal story, I don't know why I shared it, but in the long run I hope it is of some help to someone else who may be going through something similar.

Much love and blessings to all
Val3 (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-08)
I really loved this story, it was heartwarming and sweet.

Also, don't feel like you're the only one with this type of family! Although not common, families that respect and embrace gifts aren't just a myth. My dear mother is a Reader (as am I) and my father has prophetic dreams. My youngest brother is gifted also. It is very fun to be part of this type of family, is it not? To feel accepted and liked for who you are. Your grandchildren are very lucky to have such an awesome grandma!

star325 (2 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-07)
I think your family is mildly gifted my mother and father have gifts and I happen to be a sensitive I think you have a very blessed family I would know because I do as well.
shellshell3030 (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-07)
To me, that is normal! Many of the children in my family were like that. My daughter, when she was two-she didn't really talk until very later, she has mild autism, but communicated with gesturing- we were looking through her father's family photo album, mainly people she never knew. She suddenly pointed to a picture, with a big smile, her eyes all big, it was like recognition. She started gesturing all excited. I asked her "do you know him?" she nodded big yes. Her smile was so big. I asked again,"Have you seen him before?" She nodded emphatically again, she was making all these excited gestures, still. But she could not speak to tell me. This was a picture of her uncle that passed away many years before, I had never known him either. I think she had seen him. She seemed to like him very much, and she was very shy around all people except family. My other daughter used to frequently play alone when she was about year and half, in the 'creepy' closet of the 'creepy' room, that nobody else liked to be in. I would go look for her because I hadn't seen her in a while (her older sister, the active one, kept me busy) there she would be sitting on the floor of the closet contentedly playing.

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