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Memories That Aren't Mine


Hey everyone, I'm new here on this site, but I guess that's a good thing that way I can tell my experience and have people that are spiritual enough to understand or help.

So, my story/experience kind of has 2 aspects to it. As said in the title, I have a very vague memory that I know is not a dream (I will get to that in a moment) and also, is not mine. Now the memory that I have goes as said:

I feel as if I am very young, probably around 5-8 years old and I'm looking around but only see mist, then my grandma (I don't know how I have this feeling that she is in fact my grandma, but I do) comes up to me and tells me that there has been a curse on our family that foretells bad luck and tragedy and that each son passed down through each generation is cursed. Or seen as a bad omen. I look around and feel nothing but sorrow, pure emptiness.

And that's where that memory ends. I know for a fact that the people in it are Native, and I also am Native in real life. I personally, am a very smart, intelligent spiritual man. I am 20 years old, soon to be 21, and unlike most people I see the world for what it really is. Saying that, I seem to have bad luck, ALOT. I'm not just over-exaggerating,but it seems whoever seems to get close to me, something unfortunate happens, and/or something bad happens that screws me over.It's been like this since early childhood for me.

Also,I know this is not a dream at all, because somewhere in the back of my mind I have that random instinct that tells me its a memory. The same way you look back at your high school memories, the same kind of feeling pops up when I think of that memory that isn't mine.Also, talking about dreams, mine seem to come true. Not all, (hopefully), but what will seem like a random dream of nothingness at the time, will come to pass in reality, whether it be months or weeks later. Pretty much, De Ja Vu. Is that all that is? Lets hope not all my dreams come true, or we're looking at a very grim future, haha.

Now, as I conclude, I have some theories that could connect to spirituality as well. I have often thought that it might be one of my ancestors reaching me through a forgotten dream, or though a vision of some sort, (talking about the memory that I know isn't mine).

I would really like some feedback in my experience (s),and some possible answers or some other theories might help, it's really been weighing on me lately, even kind of haunting me so to speak.

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lexi03 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-04-19)
If you can get memories with you and other people that look as *family* in you dreams and memories. It says are memories from you other life. You can try to write down what you see and look up on net, that's what I do. I get names of people, pic of them, years, even names of places. And if you really want to get more you need to do meditation...
Hope it helps you
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
8 years ago (2012-11-13)
Hello!I'm also new here,so...I hope I'd be able to help somehow since I also need help with mine,hahaha. 😁
You know what, if your gut and your Inner Self tells you that it is indeed a memory and not just a dream, then it REALLY IS ONE MEMORY. Based on your story, I think your "unluckiness" is from something that happened way back in your past life. You know, law of KARMA and stuff.
I think you may have to try out PAST LIFE REGRESSION to somehow sort things out here. Sometimes it just can't be helped that past memories flash in our minds.
What you may be experiencing now might be connected to your past life (I just think:) and the only way, of course, is to find out. After doing it you may post about how it went and cross another bridge towards solving the whole problem.
And when all else fails,well,try again! There is no problem without a solution. It might not have an answer yet, but everything comes with a SOLUTION.
Will be praying for you. ❤
PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-08)
To the Shoshone and other Native American people a mist represents the human soul. So I would say the Greatgrandmother
Was showing a Dna line of your family tree.

Sometimes these threads open so we can unravel them
As well as heal our self and the family tree.

Native American blood can carry: curses as well as Blessings. And people do not have to be full blood to participate.

I had my own Karmic scenario: physically and mentally abusive. During the years I worked with healing and prayer, eventually an Orb was sent to me by a friend and it actually aligned with my body and pulled out what appeared to be a gray octapus. This I knew was a Karmic curse, which brought oppression, beating and hate destroying the lives of many Native American people. Allowing, Manifest Destiny to clear the plains, so Europeans
Could settle instead.

For me I saw a GreatGrandmother with a talking stick at my desk
While at work.
Later a dream told me to get Dna from my Uncle for testing.
Another time I was on line and shown a battle indicating one
Of our Ancestors was in the Battle of the Little Big Horn,
And I felt blood which was sticky and thick over my body.
At a Museum I smelled buffalow hides, and followed it to be
Lead to map showing Wyoming area, which is were my some of my Dads family is from. On my dads fathers side he had said his people were from Wyoming plus his surname is on the Rolls.
With info that has comforth thus far it just keeps piling up.
Now that most of the family are dead, I have to ask how can
All these things all point and show proof.

By trying to gain information it has brought my Dad and his
Youngest brother together. They never had problems with each other. They were only used to living in silence apart.
So I see healing from all of this.

May blessing and healing follow you and yours as you
Follow the Red Path.
Ysemay_Zasticia (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-07)
Does you family have a history of abilities like yours? I have read some stories about people with these abilities being able to 'remember' their ancestors who they never knew. I don't believe it is a past life or anything like that, but it COULD be that that woman is an ancestor of yours. As for the curse she talked about, it isn't unlikely. Especially since you said you have really bad luck all the time. Do some family research and see if anyone in your heritage was known to have done any sort of thing known to welcome demons, such as a ouija board or a satanic ritual or witchcraft. These things don't usually invite demons, but they have been known to open doors that allowed demons to come in. Sometimes these demons will stay with a family line. If it IS an ancestral memory, and it IS a demon, then there are steps you can take to undo this 'curse'. If you have no history of anything like that in your family, it could just be a vision that a spirit is showing you. I have some 'memories' that I know are not mine and that they do, in fact, belong to a spirit that decided to share it with me. Hope this helps!

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