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Losing My Abilities That Were Once Incredibly Strong?


My name is Sarah. I was born in the fall of 1995, and that is when my story begins. My parents, and everyone around me, knew I was different from the moment I was born. I was less than five minutes old, crying as any newborn, when my mother called my name. I immediately stopped crying, turned my head, and looked directly at her. I never cried again, unless I was sick.

When I was four days old I spoke for the first time. Yes, four days old. I was lying awake in my bed my fourth morning when my parents woke up and rolled over to look at me. I lifted my head up slightly and said, "Hey," as clear as day. They thought it was just one of those things when babies sound like their saying something but they're just gurgling, but from that moment on whenever they would go out of my sight and come back into it again I would raise my head and say "Hey!" Needless to say, it disturbed them greatly.

By the time I was two months old I was speaking in limited sentences, and by the time I was two and a half I could read on a 6th grade level. I would get bored and pull encyclopedias off of the shelves, sit down in the floor, and read each volume cover-to-cover. At that same age (two and a half) when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them either a paleontologist or an archeologist. Once they got over their shock that I could pronounce those words, they would ask me if I knew what they were. I would answer, "A Paleontologist digs up dinosaur bones, and an archaeologist digs up everything else, especially stuff ancient people used."

By the time I was three I could name a hundred different animals by their scientific names, say the alphabet forwards and backwards (which resulted from me being bored and deciding to learn the alphabet the other way around), and I could name all of the U.S. Presidents in order and state the terms in office they served.

When I was four, the school I was in wanted to promote me from K-1 to an advanced 5th grade class, but my parents didn't like the idea of me being in a class with students so much older, so they only let them skip me to third grade.

When I was eight I would get bored doing my 5th grade homework and so I would take my mom's college books out and do her homework for her. One day I went to the college with my mom (I was still 8) and we were in her biology class. The professor asked a question and no one else answered it, so I raised my hand. He decided to give me a chance to answer because he was so thrilled I was taking an interest in the class. When I got it right he nearly passed out, and a student in the class who had been having trouble keeping his grades up said, "I'm done," and he left the college that day never to return.

When I was twelve I took a GED test for fun, and I passed every subject with straight A's. I hadn't studied at all for it.

My mind was very sharp, and I could understand even long algebra problems with little to no difficulty at a young age. People either loved me, or they hated me for it. The majority of those who hated me were my classmates and the parents of my classmates. I had to homeschool for most of my education because students were so cruel to me.

As for the psychic attributes that made me unusual:

When I was three years old, I played with my four paternal great-grandparents in my room every night after my mother and father would tuck me into bed. I still remember it. We would play checkers or put together puzzles. One of my great-grandmothers even taught me how to clog. Each morning I would wake up and tell my mother what I did the night before, and sometimes I would tell her things about my great-grandparents that she thought I had made up or dreamed. She would tell my paternal grandmother, and it frightened my grandmother because I saying things that I couldn't possibly have known about my great-grandparents, who all died more than 15 years before my parents met. The night my dad finally told me that they had died is the visit I remember most clearly:

They came into my room as usual, and called me to them. I was nervous, in a way I had never been before. I was still only three and the only thing I knew about death was that it meant your loved one had moved to somewhere called 'heaven' where you couldn't go until you had died as well. I didn't believe they were dead, but I knew I had to ask. Those were my greeting words. "Are you dead?"

I remember they looked at one another, the way people do when silently agreeing something, before one of my grandmothers got down on her knees and took my hands in hers. She said, "Yes, sweetheart, we are. But don't be scared. Heaven is a wonderful place and someday you'll come and join us there and we'll be together again. But tonight we've come to say good-bye. We can't come and see you anymore."

"Where are you going?" I asked, not comprehending. "When will you be back?"

They exchanged another look before she said gently, "We have to move on. We have already been too long. We have to go. We won't be able to come back, ever."

I still didn't comprehend those words. Everyone came back, everyone saw me again. There had never been a never in my life before, but I didn't like the sound of the word or the sadness on their faces. They each hugged me more times than they ever had, tucked me back into bed without playing any games with me (something unheard of), and then they each kissed me on forehead and told me how much they loved me. They left through my window, as they usually did, and despite the fact that they told me to stay in bed I ran to the window trying to see them one last time. I had never watched them go before, and I remember only being perplexed that I couldn't see them or a car or anything. The next night I waited for them, but like they said, they didn't return. I cried myself to sleep.

But my psychic experience did not stop there, by any means. A few nights later my mother and I were walking outside after dark, and neither of us could well. We were trying to figure out which one of our neighbors was shooting fireworks so that I could watch them. I heard myself say, "Mommy, stop!" But I knew I hadn't made myself say it. I looked around and realized that there was an opossum standing right where my mom was about to put her foot down. I hadn't seen it before I spoke. She snatched me up and carried me back. The opossum hissed at us and ran away.

That's when my abilities really started to act up. We would drive down the road and I would point out bad wrecks to my mom, who didn't see them. On the way back the exact cars I saw in the wrecks would be in the exact location I saw them. I would see hitch-hikers, turn to get a better view as we drove past, and realize that there was no one standing there. When I was four, I was in the store with my mother and I started to tell her all the things I was going to get for the baby. She said, "What baby?" She wasn't pregnant, and no one we knew was, either. "The baby in your tummy," I replied before continuing my list. The next day she found out she was pregnant, and she could never figure out how I knew. She thought the baby was a boy. "No, it's a girl," I corrected her every time she said it was a boy, "The angels told me I was going to have a sister." Low and behold, my baby sister was born.

This has been the pattern of my life for as long as I can remember, knowing and seeing things that no one else can, things I shouldn't be able to know or see. Lately the biggest feeling I have been receiving is danger. I feel it everywhere. I feel it enough that my mind has stopped registering it unless I consciously acknowledge it. But what terrifies me most about how strong this feeling is? My abilities have greatly diminished in the last couple of years because, as I realize now, I have been subconsciously suppressing them because of cruel teasing by my sister and other people I mistakenly confided my abilities to.

Another interesting thing about me is that I can speak telepathically with animals. Each animal's 'voice' is different, but I feel what they feel and can get thoughts from some of them. One example of this is that I calmed a green-broke horse who was panicking in his stall, even when his owners had been trying and couldn't calm him. All I did was walk over, make eye contact, and say, "Hey, it's alright. You don't have to be afraid. Nothing is going to hurt you, I won't let it," and he calmed instantly. I knew what to say because I felt his fear in my mind, and I reinforced the verbal comfort with an emotional comfort that I somehow placed in his mind. Another example is the wild squirrel that lived in my room with me during the winter. She was getting in through a hole we never located and she would sit on my desk and watch me read. I never tried to touch her because she obviously wasn't tame. She was very skittish and never let anyone but me come near her. When she first saw me she was terrified, but I spoke to her, like I did the horse, and she accepted me.

I guess there are a few questions that I would really love to find answers to, so here they are:

I really want to know if anyone else has felt a danger coming? I just get a very strange feeling like I'm being watched by something that has no right watching me, and that it has a malicious intent, but also is very distant and getting closer. I'm going to go with my gut and say that whatever it is it's coming within the next ten years, if not sooner.

Also, I was hoping that someone on here could tell me more about the Star Children. For a while I thought I was a Crystal, but it didn't quite sit exactly right. Granted, it was closer than Indigo or Rainbow, but it still wasn't exactly me. Recently I've found some articles on a new division of Rainbow called the 'Golden'. That is an exact match! Does anyone on here know anything more about the Golden children? Or are you one yourself?

My abilities have lately been diminishing, though I am trying to get them back. Does anyone have any advice? I'm meditating and trying to open my mind up from the blocks I've put around it each night before I go to bed. I'm also keeping a record of all the unusual activity I experience from spirits, visions, and precognitive dreams. Is there anything else I can do?

Have any of you ever had the experience where the shadow-people were afraid of you? All shadow-people are terrified of me. I can feel their fear. They never let me look directly at them, but I see them often in the corner of my eyes.

I have precognitive dreams sometimes, but it is very random when I get them. Does anyone know a way I can get more control over them?

Thank you very much!

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ShadowGod (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-08)
Pyrokinesis13 that's impossible for a kinetic like you to have all those abilities. I am truly strong because I can destroy souls. I am a necro,umbra,aero, and hypnokinetic and I am the strongest dark kinetic there is.
Pyrokinesis13 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-27)
Ms.Sarah I'm only 13 but I'm a very Strong Empath... I can use Pyrokinesis,Chronokinesis,Aerokinesis,and Umbrakinesis... Respectivly Fire,Time,Air,and Darkness... I can sense the Encroaching battle of Good v.s Evil (I think about the last Harry Potter book where Good finally Beats Evil to take the edge off.) (My IQ was 120 when I was Seven and has risen over the years to 130... Which I personally think is Awesome.)...And I want to say... If its more or less a battle of the mind...I'll be on the battlefield... If it's on the Astral Plane... See you there... If it's Physically on earth...I'll grab the Sword off my wall Make Fire and Air Empower it... And charge out to fight... Just saying... Hope to see you fighting however to fight ends up going down...I'll See All My Brothers and Sisters In Arms There!...

lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-16)
i am karan. Sarah I am an empath, healer and psychometric and I also sometimes see shadow figures (from the corner of my eye) . Once I was lying and suddenly I saw a shadow figure entering my room at that moment I felt warm energy moving in my body (particularly in my hands) . I really felt as if I could harm that shadow figure. Since that day I have not seen it (shadow figure) but I felt its prescence. 😊
Danniiella (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-16)
I have the same problem with dreams, I have not found a way yet to control them as of yet but it could be possible. Meditation will help you could try and open your chakras through this, if you would like a copy of the meditation technique I use feel free to email me. You could also try looking at crystals they may help.:)
girl_with_the_shadow (3 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-09)
Well I can answer your question about the shadow people. I have a shadow lady who follows me, they actually shape shift and she takes the form of a lady. I'm not sure if I frighten her but I do know that she is here to protect me. She never fully confronts me but she told my father about great evil that is coming. Don't let your powers fully go because I believe you are of great importance in the battle of this new evil. I'm sure they fear you because of the great power you have and your power emits strongly from you.

I've been having unsettling dreams aswell and a new type of lucid dreaming world has been unleashed to me. I'm still trying to discover whether it is regular dreaming or another dimension. I definately understand what your feeling and your concerns. If you have any new experiences feel free to post because they help other people like me.

Thank you so much, you've helped me partially discover what I'm constructed to do. Do you have any tips of what I can do to discover the rest?
Ysemay_Zasticia (1 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-08)
Ninjaman, thank you very much for that website! I checked it out and it has some REALLY good info on it!

Procell10, thanks for the address! I will definitely contact you!

AmandaASJ, that is the EXACT way I have felt about this for the last decade or so. I have dreams about what's coming, and about joining up with others like us to survive it. It's definitely going to be a good vs. Evil scenario, with those of us possessing abilities at the center of it. Everyone will choose a side, whether they mean to or not. I get both a fear and a thrill of excitement when I consider it, and I don't know why.
AmandaASJ (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-08)
Sarah you are not alone. In last past years I been haveing this feeling that some thing big is going to happen. I don't know what it is but it going to change way we live are life's. But lately Its been stronger. It seem that more people are haveing thies same feelings. In my head theis words pop up a lot they say get ready or get papared for what is coming. To me feels like a battle Is comeing and It Good vs Evil.
Procell10 (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-07)
Hey I have had the exact same feeling of a danger coming but I have no idea what it is I also have a feeling of great enlightenment for many who open up to it as well. As for shadow people fearing you i'm the same i'm not as spiritually developed or powerful as you but I believe in the light so strongly I look them in the eye and cuss them away haha! If you want to talk more just email me at ryananderson10000 (at)

Love and light

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