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Tell My Momma I Love Her


This happened relatively recent. I was eating lunch outside with a friend and another friend came out to join us, you know like usual. Only today a young man came with her when she sat down he remained standing beside her. I knew no one else could see him and I looked at my friend and I said I don't know if this is a touchy subject with you and I really don't want you to think I am crazy either. But there is a young man standing beside you and he is asking me to tell you that he is always near you and that he loves you. She said I know he is near I believe he is. I said yes he is and he is wearing a royal blue shirt and kind of faded jeans and white sneakers. And you know what they don't look new or clean he don't care they don't. When I said that she burst into laughter and tears for a moment and she said that was my Larry alright he would wear them until they were wore out and he didn't care a bit. I was not sure why the boy chose then to show himself to me, but on the way inside after lunch she gave me a hug and said I know he is with me but it meant the world to me for someone to confirm what I already believe.

This was really the first time I ventured to give a message from someone to their loved one. Me and her talked a long time she told me of how she lost him. He has not communicated with me again. It made me feel good that I helped a friend.

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_Lauren_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-06)
That's amazing... I wish I could have that ability but I'm still working on it:)

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