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If I started this from the beginning it would take all day. I'll try to keep it brief and get straight to the point. I've been empathic or at least feel that I have ever since I was three or four years old. As I've gotten older my empathic powers have gotten stronger. Manifesting as physical symptoms, headaches, sometimes I'll get sad or angry or worried for no reason. Sometimes I have physical pain such as if someone hurt their arm then mine would hurt also for a time.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm clairvoyant or clairaudient. I've experienced "deja vu" a lot. Like I'm reliving the same day over or as if someone just pressed rewind on my day and started it at the beginning again. I can predict what people will do or say then they do it.

When I started sensing sprits, which was about four years ago; it started small. My grandmother's spirit was the main one. After she died I saw a figure in my room that looked exactly like her staring at me. When she died I felt it in my sleep and woke up and just knew she was gone. That's when I looked over and saw her.

She couldn't have been more than five feet from me. Yet it was impossible for her to be in there because she hadn't left her room in months.

Other spirits like the one of my friends deceased father, visit me in my dreams. In my dream we converse but I can not remember what about and when I try to recall the dream the audio seems "cut out".

The third spirit which was tonight was of a girl named Amelia. She had died in a hospital as a result of some trauma and I believe she died on the table.

This all took place in the chatroom and others aside from myself felt her and described her and what was going on. I even found her on the net. That was the first time I'd found a ghost or had a spirit connection with someone not related to me or someone around me. She was a total stranger to me.

What's weird is I could hear her voice in my head and I'd get bits and pieces such as images of the hospital. Like a bunch of little pieces to one big puzzle.

That was a total first for me and it all started when I got a vibe off of someone in the room. Someone who felt "sad" and I got it out of a chatroom no less.

The other thing is I've had a weird string of luck. I've not won the lottery or anything but when certain due dates on assignments pass and the assignments are late the teachers give me a lot of chances.

I MEAN ALOT! Sometimes they only give the chance to me because they tell me not to tell anyone else about it. So I don't know what that's about. I don't think I'm teachers pet. I don't know the teachers that well and I don't converse with them much AND my grades aren't, well there not all that "great". Like a C average.

Going back to the third ghost. Someone in the chatroom told me the spirit sensing was a form of mediumship and remote viewing because I connected to her before she died and stayed connected after she passed.

My questions are: Why is this happening now? Why am I getting new powers? How do I control them and make them stronger? How do I stop or lessen the side-effects?

I just want to know. This is all getting ahead of me a bit. My powers are coming and its hard to keep up. They just shut on and off and not when I want to which is so frustrating.

Help and some mentoring would be greatly appreciated.

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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-19)
you have a lot of info here some of it is ESP and some is not so let's start at the beginning. Clairvoyance is one of 3 classes of ESP- the other 2 are telepathy and retro/precognition and sometimes they overlap. The word clairvoyant means clear seeing and refers to the power to see an event or image in the past, present or future. This includes seeing grandma's spirit. But I sense that the chat room stuff was guided and you may have been lead into seeing or feeling something the group saw or felt. So I doubt this was your own ability working for you unless you didn't describe the event well enough. And the extensions on homework- they are being nice to you.

Your ability is going to do what it wants to do. You should find it a blessing rather than something to control for selfish purposes. Relax and let it flow. Always use it for selfLESS purposes and open yourself up to the divine positive energies of the universe. Learn more about the unseen energies of plants animals and crystals. Your gift cannot be forced- this is a negative thing to do and it will only bring negative energy (disappointment, frustration) to you if you continue this way.

Love and light
XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-19)
Flowergirl220: Is this the story you wanted my assistance with? You referenced dreams.

"In my dream we converse but I can not remember what about and when I try to recall the dream the audio seems "cut out".

Try to write down or better yet voice record as much detail about your dreams as soon as you wake up. I mean everything, the wall color, what they were wearing, no detail you recall is too small! Leave yourself a voicemail from your cell phone to your house phone. Who knows, hearing your own voice may stimulate your language processing center of your brain, or help shape future dream recall simply through awareness. Writting takes more time and focus, and that means you need more memory to write than just speak. This is your best chance to re-assemble your dream as best you can-while it's still fresh in your mind. ST memory is the key. We can basically remember 7 bits of information + or - 2 from our ST memory bank (so I learned through my psychology degree).
Also, we have built in tools. 1) "Rhaticulatory loop"-repeating a grocey list over and over so you don't forget it is a good example of this. 2) The "visou-spacial sketch pad"- like a sticky note you can draw things on that aren't spoken concepts until you can transfer it to paper or Long term memory.

Also, you can "cheat" by chunking bits of information together.

Example: ATVCVSCBS try to remember that sequence after even 20 seconds... Now look at it like this... ATV CVS CBS now you the same amount of information, but your saving your brain "RAM" because now it is 3 meaningfull or more recognizable pieces of information, insead of 9 seemingly random digits. I hope this helps.
MrMedium (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-06)
I disagree with ClairvoyantDescendent, clairvoyance just means clearing seeing not seeing the future, knowing of future events is precognition. From what you've said you have precognitive dreams and yes you are clairvoyant because you can see spirits, so seeing Amelia was in fact using clairvoyance. So maybe that person should check their facts before giving advice on something they are clearly not well informed of. With the luck though that's not really paranormal just nice teachers.
ClairvoyantDescendent (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-06)
Clairvoyant means you can see something before it happens, but you just predict it as far as I'm aware of you saying, so I don't think you're Clairvoyant for one.

For two, since you've established your psychic abilities, your energy reserves are probably growing and perhaps you're just naturally developing your abilities and tuning into the spiritual realm, explaining you knowing your grandmother had passed away and even seeing this Amelia.

Personally I don't think the teacher's giving you secret extensions has any relation to psychic phenomena 😕. To gain better control of your rapidly developing powers, perhaps you could try meditation, developing your chakras or kundalini, and try a variety of calming techniques (remaining calm is a good idea or else your powers COULD go haywire) and also practice other psychic areas so you get more control and understanding of the limit of your powers, and learn to control your energy (developing your Chakras help a lot for this).

Anyway, hope I helped!

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