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What I've Been Shown By The Dead


I didn't ask to be a medium, and certainly, I wouldn't willingly offer services to communicate with the deceased. When I try to talk about my experience with friends, I laugh about the movie "Sixth Sense" and 'I see dead people.' Good thing they (mostly) don't walk around where I can see them - that's another story. What is important, I think, is to pose what I've been shown by the spirits moving out of a physical body, and onto some form of eternal spiritual existence. I would like to know what others have experienced to see if there are other 'puzzle pieces' I can try to stitch into my own spiritual understanding.

In brief, I know about a week ahead of time before someone passes away. I know when they die and sometimes, at this time they visit me spiritually. Some say goodbye, some have information to tell their relatives, some are lost and some just plain aren't letting go. My experience shows there is a spiritual time between death of the body and 'moving on' where I seem to get called on. I will relate one story that best illustrates this time right after we die (which seems to be a popular philosophical question):

My mother's best friend's mother (sorry) suddenly came to mind one day, and I knew the feeling. I had only met this mother once in passing my whole life, though I cared very much for my mom's friend. I called at once to have a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers sent to this woman-my senses were screaming "urgent!" I hoped that she would not find me so strange as to send her flowers for no apparent reason, especially since she did not know me. A week later, she was dead. The first sleep I got after her physical death, she came to me in a dream (my most frequent vehicle for these things, and by far the least scary, since waking stuff makes everyone stare at your reaction to apparently nothing). She was in a white light, in a three-quarter length navy ladies skirt suit. She was grey headed and neat and appropriately aged. She walked from around a clear glass round single pedestal table, with a medium sized bright bouquet of flowers in a vase in the center. She came towards me and spoke, "I never got a chance to thank you for the flowers. They are simply beautiful. Thank you." She then smiled a bit and the light became a little different-the scene changed-the table was gone and she was in a long grey robe that hid all features except her neck and head. Her grey hair was down, and she was facing away from me. She began to trot away from me then she sped up a bit, like a child who recognizes their parents, come to pick them up from school. As she ran, the grey cloth of her robe shortened and turned into a tan blouse and skirt set and her hair shortened into a short curled dark brown bob... Like she was running into the forties or fifties, and then she vanished in the light. Somehow I understood she was going someplace she wanted to be, for her a piece of experience or memory, but it was her choice and her vision of eternal spirituality.

In real life again: I didn't tell my mom's friend about the dream. I was sure it was all too raw, too soon. Until three days later, in a dream (a real dream, not one of my super vision/voyent dreams-there is a difference!) this mother pops in, an interruption and says, "Tell [my mom's best friend/her daughter] that James (her grandson) should take the job in Atlanta and get over it!" And out she popped again.

When I woke up, I decided that I should tell the best friend with a lot of fretting about it. When I got the guts up to call her and mention the first vision, she cried a happy cry, saying that it made her feel better, knowing that her mom was 'happy.' When I told her about the message, she grew very quiet, and since I didn't know what the message was about, except that James was one of her sons, I grew very anxious that I had insulted her.

Slowly, she said, "Oh, my...Kite, how could you know?" I told her I didn't know anything, that I was just telling her what her mother had told me. Evidently, James, living in NYC, was considering a job in Atlanta, but was waffling about it. Subsequently, he really took the job, got married and is living happily in Atlanta.

The common themes from this example to other experiences are the white light, like being inside a soft-white light bulb (weird correlation, I know), the brevity of time, the movement into the light (no tunnels, but there is some sort of depth (?)) and the sense of spiritual choice for the deceased. I have had two people who refused to move on (one from a coma). There are others who skipped past the white light thing, and simply have 'post' commentary-which is another section, too.

What are other's understandings of this intermediary place? I try to lay aside religious context for ease of discussion. Any thoughts?

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Whitewolf (1 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-08)
I've read something about someone getting a message that she needed to pass onto the libing... But I forgot what it was...: (

Anyways, I think your ability is wicked awesome, and that I would like to have them, though I would imagine that it's strange to go up to people and tell them what someone who had just died said to you.

And just because I feel like answering the question, even though it was not directed to me at all (XD) I would LOVE to know the day that I was going to die, would save me a lot of fretting, and unneeded fear. It would also give me a specific window of time in whihc to live out my life properly, even though I should be doing so now... But that's just me x.x
x_flying_octopus_17_18_x (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-16)
I see the dead also and I just have to say it's one of the scariest things out there. Of course, they can't hurt you, but they can scare you.
PyshicDucky (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-06)
kite I agrre with the commet before me that you are having death visions and I do have death visions like you. 😐 I suggest you keep doing what your death visions tell you that's what I do but some times I don't get what the deth vision means and some times I do what the visions says and some times I don't do what the vision dose. But its your choice to do or not to do the I don't know what it means deth visions. If this helps I'm glad to give the help but if it dosent help ill be little 😢.But still I hope it helps 😁.
Avien (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-05)

What you are experienceing is called a death vision. I found that later in my search. Google it.
'Death Psychic'

It is one of the more scary ones we have. (to me personally).

I've had dreams for a while, and in those, people were already dead, and some of the stuff you experienced. My problem is, I don't remeber them until the event occurs. Then I'm not surprised when it happens and my family wonders why I am not crying.

I've had mainly premonitions, as that is my main ability. It has grown stronger in the past two years It started with my friend who commited suicide. I was told/felt/thought, she wouldn't be coming back after christmas break. I get a phone call later the night after... Avien... Sit down...

It has progressed far enough that I saw my living grandma who told me her own mother was the one in the closed casket.

The only diff between mine and your death visions are that mine are anything that I sometimes hear/feel/think in my mind to sometimes just knowing, to a very visual dream.

I understand what yuou mean by the white light. Have you ever felt the peace from one who was passing before and it was carried in your heart for like a while after the dream? It was crazy warm. My great gma hugged me and turned into a being of white light and ascended. It's like she said "even though I haven't known you long, I love you and I will be with you for a bit to teach you some things.

I've learned many things about this.

There is one thing you must always think about if you tell anyone your death visions.

1. Would you want to know the day you were going to die?

2. Would you rather live your life to the fullest/least fullfilled life you could and not know when you would die.

If you would like some more detailed accounts/wisdom/piece of advice--as measly as they are--email me at rschroyer09 [at]

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