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Dead Grandmother Contacting Me


-My father is sick (alcholism, ulcerative colitis)

-He is in a very bad state of mind, is unhappy.

-My grandmother (his mother) died about 7 years ago

-I had a dream of her, she did not say anything to me, and was with other people that looked blurry.

-My dad was also in this dream, he was on the right side, she was on the left, and there was a gap between both sides.

-I tried to talk to my dad in this dream, but I was talking to him and he was alseep and not answering.

-That same night I just so happened to drive my friend home, and she lived on ANNE street. I was not aware of this before I drove her home.

-ANNE was my grandmothers name, and the street was named after her years ago, in a small town near Philadelphia, since her family had political power in the town.

- I try to constantly get my dad to wake up from the state he is living in, to enjoy and celebrate life, but he continues to drown himself in alcohol



-Also, I was very close with my grandfather who passed recently

-I had an extreme battle with depression due to extremely bad and untreated obsessive compulsive disorder, and prayed to him to show me that I would be okay

- After switching doctors, after my first appointment with my new psychiatrist, I went to get blood work done

-The only car in the parking lot of this place where I went to get blood work was the car he used to drive, the exact version.

-Shortly after, my doctor saved my life, and awakened me to face my fears, and correctly treating my Depression and Anxiety.

-I am doing well currently (mentally) and I am about to finish my second semester of my freshman year at Temple University.

- I was going to take one of my last exams, and on my way to class, a lady bug landed on my hand.


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1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
Hi Starboy12

You're grandmother is right there with you. Take a moment to acknowledge her prescence in your life and let her know that you appreciate and look forward to her continued guidance to help you and your father. The lady bug is a symbol to let you know she's there. Look for these things and also in dreams as proof that she is there to help you on your journey. I understand you are trying to get your Dad to wake up and live his life. Please be sure that you do this yourself. When we take care of others, we have a tendency to neglect ourselves. It's hard to put yourself first sometimes, but your able to help others when you are strong. Take time to do something that makes happy each day, no matter how small.

Best wishes!

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