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Story I

My 'foresights' only occur during the daytime, when i'm awake.

The first time I remember it happening was when I was... About six or seven. My grandparents from South Carolina came to visit us, and our grandpa had brought along a super cool inflatable remote control shark. When I asked if they were keeping it here or bringing it back to South Carolina (cause that's just what seven year olds do), they said they had to bring it back. As I went downstairs to my room, I remember time seemed to stop, or at least slow down, and in my head it was like a d.v.d played out. In the 'daydream' our grandparents said that they decided to leave the shark here, and my brother was playing with it when I came upstairs.

When I snapped out of it, I remember inwardly being like 'yeah, that's going to happen!' And the next day, I came upstairs and it happened.

It's been happening over the years (I'm 14 now). The most vivid one was late 2016, and my mom and I were going to the cinema to see the movie 'Queen of Katwe'. As I stared out the car window, another one of those 'visions' occurred. I was sitting in the theatre, and a teacher from my school came up and sat next to me before talking as the movie was going, and I was extremely annoyed. And then it happened. Because I actually understood that I had seen that happen beforehand, my reaction was pretty extreme. I moved away... A lot. When the movie was over and we got back in the car, I told my mom about it, and she laughed. But not because she didn't believe me. Remember i'd said throughout the years it'd been happening? I told her about it the first time a couple years ago, and low and behold! The same things had happened to her! But she dreamed them. For her it was only a certain chunk of her life, and it happened every night for about a week. From car crashes to my dads cancer. Eventually though, she got so freaked out, she prayed to God to make them go away. And they did. But I have a twin brother. And it also happens to him, but in dreams. Us three have pow-wowed about it, and it's pretty interesting. But I seem to experience them the most, probably because when my brother has dreams, there's a chance he forgets them.

The most, most recent one was a lot sadder than other ones. I had my rabbit out in my room for a while, before putting her back in her cage. I went to refill her water dish, and when I came back, she wasn't there. In my mind, I literally knew 'she's dead'. Then I come to my senses and think 'Um, no. I just freakin put her back!'. I shook my head and she was there again, nibbling on her hay like nothing had happened. She should've been in plain sight the whole time, and there's nowhere I can't see her in that cage. I decided to take warning, and for the next week and a half I pampered her like never before. After that time had passed, I came home from school and she was lying in her cage, dead. No signs, no nothing. Just lying there. When I informed my family, my brother especially thought me cold since I wasn't crying at all. Sad? Sure. But it didn't come as a shock. When my mom asked about it, I told her the truth. And it probably would've sounded weird to anyone listening; 'Mom, I knew she was going to die, that's why i'm not crying'. But there are pros and cons. I've tried different methods of tapping into it, but nothing ever seems to work.

If anyone else experiences these 'Daydreams' please comment! I've read a lot of when you dream it at night, but I can't find anything about the daytime!

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