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A couple nights ago I had a dream of some guy I'm only friends with on Facebook never met him never talked to him but I don't remember that dream. Well last night I had another dream about him and his baby coming to me and my boyfriends house and his baby fell asleep standing up against my couch and after that me and my boyfriend fought the rest of my dream about me not wearing a bra and we drove to my parents house after that I woke up to a demonic voice saying the word "dead" in my ear. And lately I have been having a feeling there is something in my apartment like a spirit. I have a sheet over my door and at night when I'm in the living room the sheet looks like it moves like someone walks through it also, I have heard voices a males voice. My boyfriend and his little brother have also experienced some stuff but they can never remember. My dogs also sit and stare into one space for a while and if you call their name they won't look at you they will just continue to stare. Also when I was younger I used to see a little girl dressed in white with stab wounds and no eyes and she used to tell me to "help her" and I once saw the man who did it to her and she usually sat in my closet at my parents and one night they were both sitting on my bed and he had an evil dirty look on his face and when she was crying she would cry blood I don't know if this is at all connected or if there is another spirit in my new house or if they followed me but I just want answers I need and want to know what's going on?

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Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-06)
You seem to be dealing with something. It could be from a demon messing to other variables. If there is more detail you would like to share with me I'd be glad to hear you out. I could help you figure out what this means, I hope to hear from you soon.

Any questions or if you'd like a more private conversation of what's going on you can email me at Lunastar1016 [at]

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