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Finding Love Though The Dead


When I first born and up to the age 33 I have always seen and heard things and starting notice a difference in my self things was going to change in a big way,

I had a family member who passed away.

It was December 7 day before the wake of my brother in-law I was so upset not knowing if I wanted to go I took it hard, because I had a baby boy who died after he was born and this brother in-law was the only one to show he cared by sending me dozen roses so I knew I had to go but was unsure about it I was staking so bad and I sit in the car and waited for my husband and I heard a clear voice say ' do what you want" and it was him my brother in-law I didn't know what to think about that, and did what it said I went the next day

December 8 2012

And it was hard seeing his little ones crying and family, I had it hard, so after the wake went home my husband went to his other brother house and was taking it really hard, I was home alone playing my ps2 and all sudden I saw my brother in-law walk in and sit behind me as if he knew where he was going, I turn around and ask his name he said Robert it was my brother in-law, I was happy and feel with a lot of question of why he was there, anyway my husband went to bed and I was lay there thinking and he crawl behind me and hugged me and I felt his love for me, and I turn around not knowing what could happen and my feelings about him was as if he was alive and I want him to know how I felt about him so I turn and kiss him and well we made real love it was something out of a dream I couldn't stop him it was like I fell in love, my dad said that if 2 people love each other as much that death could not hold them from each other.

And things got deeper we kept making love I lay there thinking of what should I do or not do, I was over taking by love, I finally asked him what happen to him and I could feel him crying and staking bad he said I went up to heaven and denied the lord I was broken hearted that he would do that he said because he missed his kids and wanted to be with me, I asked him do you want to go to heaven and he cry harder and hugged me tight and said yes but was scared of going to hell, so I did what thought was best pray hard so the lord would forgive him and take up under his arms and next thing I know he was jerked up toward the sky and was gone I was staking so bad that I didn't know what to think I was happy few minutes latter I saw great big angel come down and said I want to show you love and it was my brother in-law this love making was like unto god the love that came from him was so strong that I saw his orb glowing red the must pretty I have ever seen, he stay all night with me holding me, and well things took a turn on both sides being good and bad, I latter started having visions, past, future, and still learning my gift. Its been hard on me, some of the visions I had not sure what they mean maybe someone out there could help me on that it would be useful.

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