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I Want To Learn About Energy


When I was little, I thought I could feel magic. It seemed like it was everywhere, like a pure kind of energy. My friend and I would pretend to harness it, trying to control nature or making little charms for different reasons. We had all of these things we'd do, like crossing our fingers a specific way to get what we wanted. It was mostly a game to us, but back then I didn't even question the existence of magic. I just knew it was real.

I never really gave those times much thought until now. But the other day I was thinking about it and realized that some of the things my friend and I did weren't the normal pretend games. A lot of times we would hear things in our heads. Most of the time it was just a single word, like one of our names. The first time it happened was when we were in a grocery store, in different isles, when I very clearly heard a voice say my friend's name in my head. A second later, she came running over to me and grabbed my hand and said, "Did you hear that too?" We were scared then because we didn't know what it was. The same thing happened a couple times after that, and when it did we would both look at each other and know.

Then one day we were sitting on the floor trying to work with darker energy. We weren't doing it on purpose, but I thought I could feel that it was darker. We both felt scared, and then right at that moment my bedroom door slammed shut for no reason. We got scared and stopped trying to manipulate "energy" after that. Then we got older and forgot all about it, thinking it was just games. I don't talk to her as much anymore, and neither of us believe in magic, but I'm starting to wonder if those things were coincidences like I thought or if there's something real behind them.

Does anyone know if I'm putting too much thought into this? And if there really is such thing as a magical energy, does anyone have any experiences that you could share or anything you could teach me about this?

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-28)
Couple of words of caution.

Find a way to remove the fear. It provides footholds.

Get and stay rested. If you are getting overwhelmed and are missing sleep, find a way to get rested.

Use logic. If your intuition or a voice in your head says "Travel 200 miles in that direction" and you see bears and crows running/flying along side you, and footprints in the middle of the road walking in the direction, it doesn't neccessarily mean you NEED to go there.
Spirits are able to tap into your ability to perceive things such as that, and, being physical beings, it's almost impossible to know where the source comes from.

In any case, enjoy your journey.
alette64 (3 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-28)
Thank you both for your comments! I really know nothing about this idea of energy, so you were both really helpful.

I've always been afraid to try these things again because a lot of it seems like it could come with bad consequences. But now that I know it might actually be real to some degree, I think learning about it will help me with the fear. I remember being able to tell when what I was doing was good when I was little. It felt pure somehow.

Thanks again to both of you! Now I know where to start if I want to learn about this or work with it. I've never tried meditating, but it's worth a shot.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-27)
To add to that, in regards to the title of your story...
It seems to me that most people only really know basic things.

The people I have met that know more than the basic things, and can do the most unbelievable things...
They go through some very horrible rituals, and have some very traumatic events forced on them.

The families I have come across that practice withcraft, as a family tradition... They teach their offspring to hold on to emotional misgivings to use a fuel for energy manipulation.
I'm not saying that's true in 100% of cases involving witchcraft.

What I am saying is to be careful what you learn and apply.

In my experience, the best practices are the ones that revolve around balancing oneself, and removing your sense of self.

Here is a e-book that goes into detail about one possible path for energy meditation.


As for myself personally, I have a strong faith in God, the God of the Jews.
I personally seek peace over development of psychic potential.
In seeking peace, I practice centering meditations to balance my emotions.

I was more deeply interested in my psychic potential, but I got to a point where I followed a lot of lines to a lot of places, and observed how the energy unfolded, and how the energy would unfold, and how it tied together, and where it came from, and where it went.

The answer that I came up with is that, as a physical being, our physical body works to limit our spiritual interaction. The more we walk away from the physical, the more we walk towards the spiritual.
It also seems that, for some reason, beings that exist in the spirit, are obsesssed with experiencing exactly what it is the flesh has to offer.

So, as I see it, until such time that I am a spirit, I plan to enjoy the flesh... So that, when I move on to being a spirit, I am no longer obsessed with the flesh.

It is a nice theory, and, for the time being, it brings me peace.

Whatever choice you make, it'll be the right one. Just be sure to make as educated a choice as you can.

God bless, and be well.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-27)
I agree with much of what Anima posted.

The only concern I would see is that there was a physical manifestation, especially if you and your friend were frightened.

It's hard to say what the spirit's goal was, assuming it was even a spirit to begin with, and not a manifestation of the interaction between yourself and your friend.

A general rule of thumb is not to summon anything you don't know how to send back.

As Anima posted, meditation. If you have heightened senses/abilities, the best thing to do is to get them under control' otherwise you risk losing yourself, or having others come in and use you.
Anima (2 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-27)
Dear Alette

You're not putting too much thought into anything really, you're seeking answers and there's nothing wrong with that. Your question and the tale that follows it is rather interesting. Have you ever heard of Mudras? They are hand Symbols that the Tibetan Monks and Buhddist would use traditionally as ways of 'altering ones energy and focusing on certain points.' These Mudras look like mere hand positions yet if meditated on, yield the user the ability to manipulate their energy at a whim of their 'fingers,' so to speak. Yes, even in some Tibetan foundations, the Mudras can even be energy weapons and shielding. This sounds a lot like what you and your friend were doing in the past when you played, was it just strange hand signs or were you getting a glimpse at how we can naturally attune ourselves to the world without even knowing it.

Everywhere around you there is an Energy, now I wouldn't say its mystical magical energy just yet, but it is certainly there. Many call this energy Chi, Ki or more interestingly, 'life-force,' in some things. Its everywhere around us, it takes different forms as well, it can be hard energy like rocks or smooth energy like water. All of these energies are completely different from one another but flow with each other seamless as if they were created this way.

If one focuses enough and meditates on perceiving the world, not just in the state of physical awareness, but also as a mental and spiritual one, you can also learn to perceive the energies of the world and 'feel them,' with your sixth sense, as some would put it, a dreamlike sense that perceives elements that others cannot. It would be best to change your diet and prepare however, because learning these abilities with drastically change your response to life and other such things.

Ever since I was little, I would watch certain shows like Princess Mononoke and The Fifth Element and get a strange feeling that rushes through my body. When I feel captivated or very drawn into the beauty to the point it touches my inner child, I get this sensation of goosebumps and something stirs around me, I can feel the energy sparkling and festering within me. After a while is tarted studying the magic of Chakras and as I meditated I was soon able to bring this feeling out whenever I wished. I learned it was my Chi, reacting to things I was seeing that was causing my spirit and my Empathic abilities to stir.

I won't forget the day I figured out I can tell people are looking at me. Ever since my psychic awakening, I can tell when people are staring at me thanks to my new perception, or even making thoughts about something. When they stare at me, I get a feeling, its like how a piece of steel would feel if you held a magnet just out of its range, its an intense sensation that tends to make me look in the direction and every time I do I can catch something staring at me. Weather it be an animal or person its really quiet amazing. I've also developed an internal Sonar that picks up on vibrations around me. Now when I hear loud sounds and other such ruckus like footsteps and tiptoeing, I can feel their vibrations his me 'much like Toph,' except its not through the earth, its through sound. Tapping a glass produces both a noise and feeling of something tapping my energy as well, from the direction I'm currently practicing releasing my own sonar through my ears but its been a difficult one.

Hope this helped and much light and love to you.
- Anima

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